Bakugan shun and alice secretly dating my ex

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bakugan shun and alice secretly dating my ex

[Fifty sentence challenge] [Dedicated to Whatever-My-Name-IsXD]. Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Romance - Alice G., Masquerade Problem with dating a smarty-pants, narcissistic villain: he'll never do the dishes. Protective grandfather, haughty ex-super-villain, angry cats and an angrier Dan. Is Shun and Alice dating Bakugan Battle Brawlers New Vestroia? dey r Yes, they're secretly dating!! i don't know but in my opinion i hope she does. Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Manga Artist, Anime Shows, I Love Anime, Doujinshi Alice gehabich Runo misaki Julie makimoto Mylene pharaoh farrow My baby, my husband is sooo beautiful and so handsomee (˘ ³˘) . Runo on her and Dan's date! bakuguan battle brawlers episode 52 Bakugan .. Yveltal and Yveltal Ex!".

I knew from the moment I heard his voice that something was up. The only thing his message said was. I ran to the door, but before running outside I skidded to a stop in front of the mirror. I frowned a bit at my appearance.

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Well, when you spend the whole day on the sofa watching TV what do you expect? I quickly tied my hair in a neat knot before heading outside. I only had to wait for about two minutes before I saw his car slide smoothly around the corner and head in my direction.

It stopped in front of me and the window slowly slid open, revealing his face to me. I pouted a little. He had his eyes glued to the road that stretched in front of us. Maybe the fact that you asked me to meet you out of the blue and in such short notice. Then we arrived at a red-light and he brought his car to a halt.

He avoided my question so easily and I just let him. I looked out of the window at the bright city lights that seemed to fly past us as we sped along the highway. He stopped the car in front of a posh restaurant. Don't you like it? I laughed at the childish innocence on his face but then I turned serious. I mean…How can I go in there like this? You look beautiful whatever you wear. How could I have been such an idiot?

I should have noticed that Shun was a bit more formally dressed than need be. I walked into the restaurant, a heavy blush covering my face. I had never pictured myself in such a place with T-shirt and Jeans on. All the people stared at me in silence for a few moments. I had never been so embarrassed in my life. Well not since Julie made me do a cat-walk on stage, wearing a maid's outfit that came only to my knees. Shun slowly moved closer to me and took my hand in his.

I sat down in the comfortable chair. I gasped as I saw the prizes on the menu. I first looked at Shun and then at the menu.

He just smiled at me and asked me to order what I wanted. I wondered if my orders would lead Shun bankrupt, but then considering the humongous wealth he inherited from his family that was unlikely. Shun, why don't you order for me? He seemed to notice the way I felt and then told the waiter two identical orders. As we waited for the order to arrive, we were unnaturally silent.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers Episode 12 - Bakugan Stall

There was this strange uneasiness in the air. My eyes were fixed on the intricate carvings on the wall. As my eyes drifted towards Shun I was surprised to find his golden orbs staring back at me. I blushed a little…Was he staring at me? No way…I shook my head from side to side, dismissing the idea. He only smiled at me.

bakugan shun and alice secretly dating my ex

Are you telling me that I have no right to ask my best-friend out to dinner? Best-friend…That word haunted me from time to time. Sure, I was glad that Shun was my best-friend. He so totally digs you! Why do you have all the boys? Do you guys like know each other? You should so totally date him! No way was she interested in guys who looked like— "Oh… Still not over your ex?

Her friend squealed again as Alice felt someone yanking her chin. She looked up to see the Masquerade-look-a-like at eye level. He was so close now that Alice could finally see the difference between Masquerade and Mitchell. Mitchell had a slightly darker skin tone and his eyes… His eyes were sky blue.

Like Masquerade's mask but eons different. Alice couldn't help but feel disappointed about this, if this imposter wanted desperately to copy her alter ego then at least get his eye color right! Not like anyone knew what the upper portion of his face looked like, Alice had always thought his eyes were a greyish-purple-ish color. From the corner of her eyes, she could see her teacher and her friend melt into rainbows.

She should've been quivering in fear like when Shadow Probe confronted her. She should've heard Hydranoid's quiet angry grunts. She should've been a tiny bit scared. All she was thinking about was 'This isn't Masquerade'. Confusion turned into anger as something in her snapped. She shoved Mitchell away from her "Don't. As she watched Mitchell fall onto the ground she couldn't help but feel victorious. She couldn't help but think that this was what it was supposed to feel like.

bakugan shun and alice secretly dating my ex

Like she was supreme ruler of a small hill… Like her days as Masquerade… No. I will not fall into the temptation again… I will never… "But you know you want to.

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I didn't mean to do it! I… I… I'm so sorry! A few minutes ago she had just finished telling Hydranoid what happened and her thought on this 'Mitchell' guy and how he knew of her Bakugan.

The Darkus Bakugan had told her not to think about it and convinced her that it wasn't her fault. Seems like Hydranoid had his work cut out for him. However, you're definitely not the brightest bulb in town. When she said gold she didn't mean jewellery, she meant one of the metals that existed in free state.

Alice had yet to meet another man with such obsession with fashion. He just bought another pair of boots.

Which episode does shun and Alice secretly dating in new vestroia

She never took off that old necklace he had given her on their first date. Gods, can you two ever stop fighting? When Dan accused him of being a superficial Casanova who only loved Alice because she was pretty, Masquerade was quick to reply. I married her because she is a kick-ass cook.

Beauty fades but cooking is eternal. He looked best when he was drenched from head to toe. But he was no fun when he was suffering from a high fever, afterwards. She knew he regretted being who he was in the past. If only she could make Dan understand that. She was allergic to roses, of all the things in the world. She always respected his privacy. She knew he'd tell her if there was something she needed to know. He was a man filled with his own darkness and needed time to adjust with the light.

One was never too young to make a snowman. He loved Spring; Alice always wore frocks when it was that time of the year. He named their white stallion 'Chicken Pox'. Where was his brain when he thought of that?

bakugan shun and alice secretly dating my ex

When she said she was pregnant She always pushed him away, because it was too hot. Loving your enemy was taboo, but they do say forbidden fruit tastes sweetest.