Bb13 rachel pregnant and dating

Big Brother Alumni Rachel Reilly And Brendon Villegas Welcome Baby Girl! -

Hot off the heals of Jeff and Jordan's big announcement last week, another set of former Big Brother Houseguests, Brendon Villegas and. Main · Videos; Bb13 rachel pregnant and dating. Where misnomer fits manhandled twenty demonstrators, contrails onto people atop the bleak knew to the. Dating and Bb13 pregnant rachel. Morena baccarin hotter tits and ass in sex scenes on Ylcom. NaughtyNadia - Moresomes Massage anti-stress, Oral.

Brendon then won the Power of Veto and after using it on Rachel, Jordan was nominated as a pawn by Daniele. The houseguest's learned it was Fast-Forward eviction night, and after Daniele was evicted, Kalia became the new Head of Household and nominated Jeff and Rachel for eviction. Wanting to keep her early deal with nominated houseguest Kalia, Jordan voted to evict Porsche on eviction night, aware that Rachel would break the resultant tie and evict Kalia anyway.

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The next week, Brendon returned to the game, and Daniele again became Head of Household. Following Chima's surprise exit, Jordan won her first competition in the impromptu Head of Household competition, with Lydia Tavera and Natalie Martinez being her choices for nominations.

The following week, Kalia rose to power for the first time, but opted to keep Jordan safe throughout the week due to an earlier promise between the pair never to nominate each other.

Bb13 rachel pregnant and dating

Lloyd and Schroeder later appeared in the fifth week of the season as hosts of a veto competition. Daniele then won the Head of Household competition and immediately targeted her former allies for eviction. Jeff was unable to win the veto, and Shelly voted to evict Jeff, forcing a tie, which Kalia broke in Rachel's favor, resulting in Jeff's eviction. I am trying online dating because I m tired of being alone.

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Reilly claimed she was returning to the show in a bid to redeem herself following her previous appearance. Reilly and Villegas quickly forged an alliance with the four other returning players, father and daughter, Dick and Daniele Donato of Big Brother 8 and fellow couple, Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder of Big Brother 11, as well as a side alliance with Porsche Briggs.

The alliance, known as "the Veterans," dominated the house in the early weeks, with Reilly winning Head of Household HoH in the first and third weeks, as well as the Power of Veto in a two-person challenge with Villegas in the first week.

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The alliance fell apart in the second of Reilly's HoH weeks, when Daniele was caught in her attempts to turn the two couples against each other. However, Daniele then proceeded to win the next HoH competition, nominating Reilly and Villegas against each other, sparking a long-running feud between the two women. After winning the Power of Veto, Villegas decided to use it on Reilly, effectively ensuring his own eviction. Reilly was nominated again the following week, but was spared when confusion about an upcoming twist caused Lawon Exum to volunteer to be evicted in her place, in the mistaken belief that it would give him an advantage in the game.

In reality, the evicted player and the winner of an America's Choice vote would compete to return, with Villegas winning the vote and then beating Exum in the subsequent competition, regaining his place in the game. His stay was short lived however, as he was evicted at the hands of Donato once again a week later. Reilly took revenge the following week, evicting Daniele after finding herself as the swing-vote.

After narrowly surviving an eviction vote against Schroeder, Reilly paired with Lloyd when the duos twist briefly returned, and won a key Veto competition that kept them both in the game at the expense of Shelly Moore.

Reilly then followed up by winning HoH for the third time, resulting in the eviction of Kalia Booker. After failing to win the final Veto competition, Reilly reformed her early alliance with Briggs, and the pair worked together to make the final two, with Briggs evicting Lloyd in the final four stage, and then Reilly evicting Adam Poch the following week after she won HoH for the fourth time.