Brandy and wanya dating

So Wanya got 16 yr. old Brandy pregnant when he was 22??? | Lipstick Alley

brandy and wanya dating

Brandy and Wanya Morris photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. Brandy Talks Falling In Love With Boys II Men's Wanya, Faux Marriage & Tragic On telling her management that she was dating Wanya. I thought it was odd that Brandy was so young dating Wanya. And wasn't that the rumor back in the day? he took her virginity and got her pregnant, she had an.

What are you teaching young girls? Do they fall in love at a young age? Is that a sin? For 2 years they carried on an intense secret relationship. The worst feeling is to be in love all by yourself. It felt like somebody had completely taken my heart out of my body and just crushed it.

Brandy Opens Up About Her Relationship With Wanya Morris [VIDEO]

It was me really coming into my own and not being afraid to be vulnerable. Not be afraid to sing what I felt for real. On breaking the news to her family she was pregnant by Robert Smith after they had been dating a while That was something that was not okay for the Brandy brand.

We have to twist this and turn it. On her involvement in a tragic car accident The day the accident happened it was just a gloomy, gloomy day.

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I was just driving home, and it happened. It was a blur, and it was one of those experiences that you wish would never happen to anybody. But it did, and it was one of the worst times in my life. Regardless if it was my fault or not my fault, I was involved in something that caused someone their life. Whoever's fault it was, I was in it. B revealed she still has all 6 Barbie dolls created in her image based off the tv movie.

On her eating disorder as a teen At 19, Brandy revealed she stopped eating properly and suffered from bulimia and anorexia. Everyone thought she was perfect on the outside with her career being on top, but she was the unhappiest teenager in the world. I'm here to tell you I was making so much money - I was omnipresent - and I was the unhappiest teenager probably in the world. And it took a toll on her health.

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  • So Wanya got 16 yr. old Brandy pregnant when he was 22???

She worked alongside music producer Robert Smith as well, and started to fall for him. She found herself unexpectedly pregnant with Robert's child, and that wasn't "ok" for the Brandy brand.

Brandy remarked that it's a sin to get pregnant out of wedlock in her family, based on their christian background and beliefs.

brandy and wanya dating

Because I don't want to get married. It's the biggest mistake I've ever made. At one point, Robert felt Brandy had gone into too much detail tot he media about the problems they were having as a couple.

So Robert went on Wendy Williams' radio show to expose their fake marriage saying it never happened. Everyone around Brandy told her not to own up to it and to not address it. And the entire situation devastated her career and her fans. On changing her music direction to more sexy on Aphrodisiac Brandy said she felt totally awkward doing this "sexy phase" and it just wasn't believable.

The album was a flop. On that fatal accident on the Brandy slammed into a car from the back while on the L. A mother of 2 was killed. And she couldn't handle the blame. She said she gets hurt when people still gossip about it and try to hurt her.

brandy and wanya dating

It was her way of apologizing for her past mistakes and she wanted to reconnect with her purpose. Her mother Sonya stepped down as her manager after 20 years. Whitney came to their soundcheck and told them to tell the legendary Ricky Minor to turn the band down because she couldn't hear them!

brandy and wanya dating

Brandy thought it was so cute and that was the last time she saw her. Sonya told her 2 days after that Whitney was dead, and her heart left her body. Attended Whitney's funeral on Feb 18th. She gave me a dream. In a divine love.