Carol and brandy amazing race still dating

The (TV) Show Must Go On 'The Amazing Race' Aftermath

carol and brandy amazing race still dating

See what else the two, who are no longer dating, have to say about their Amazing Race's Carol and Brandy: Caite "very clearly had a Amazing Race's Jet and Cord: We're "still wondering" why Dan and Jordan cut in line. Yep, Team Sour Grapes Carol Rosenfeld and Brandy Snow are still harboring that grudge against "dumb" beauty queen Caite Upton for the. Dating. Carol Rosenfeld. Age: Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif. Connection to your teammate: Dating Current Occupation: Consultant Pet peeve about your.

carol and brandy amazing race still dating

Still, Carol and Brandy made themselves look like two of the worst-ever sore losers in TV history. They should have U-turned a stronger team, but they were manipulated into it at least in part by Louis Stravato and Michael Naylor who ended up finishing fourth. But "The Amazing Race" is a game. A high-stakes game, with a million dollars on the line, but a game nonetheless.

carol and brandy amazing race still dating

And Brent and Caite played within the rules of the game. If I were Carol or Brandy, I would no doubt have been disappointed. I would have said terrible things about Brent and Caite. Not on national TV. And, while you could to some degree attribute their bitterness when they were eliminated to the heat of the moment in a stressful race, there's absolutely no excuse for the way they behaved at the finish line after they'd had days to cool off.

They shook their heads in disgust when host Phil Keoghan talked about Caite being the only woman to finish the race — to end up in the top three.

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Which she didn't have to do. She didn't do anything wrong. You said you wanted to be the only woman left standing, and you are. And, indeed, Carol and Brandy were heard mocking her more than once during the race. If you're considering being on a reality show, you ought to watch Carol and Brandy. Imagine yourself looking as bad as they did on national television.

And keep that in the back of your mind when your time comes. You can lose without looking like a loser. Did you finish everything? How far behind were you? We were only 15 minutes behind the cowboys. We did everything a lot faster. The memory task — I knew them right away and threw them up there. We did the virtual task in, like, two minutes!

We got there after the cowboys and finished at the same time. The cowboys and the brothers were supposedly there for 30 minutes or something. We were second out of the airport, but lost minutes in our cab. The tasks were where we made up time.

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After the virtual one, we were hoping [the next task] would let us catch up to Dan and Jordan. When we had to turn around for our money bag, that sealed our fate.

carol and brandy amazing race still dating

We knew we were third and we were happy. It was great to make it to the final episode and do all the tasks. Why did you do the Roadblock, Brent? Aren't you not allowed to do more than six? You can actually do orso he took it. I was like, "OK, whatever. Did you know Dan and Jordan moved to first class?

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Everyone was asleep on the plane, but I kind of saw them move up. I was like, "That's a freaking move! But honestly, we weren't that concerned. Caite and I had been first in front before and were like, "Yeah, this is good!

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So we were like, "Well, chances are we'll all be even again at customs. The funny thing is that we were first to the airport, obviously, but we got the worst seats of the three teams. The brothers and the cowboys were in the two rows in front of us. Amazing Race's Michael and Louie: Brent, did you really have to pee that badly in Shanghai? It was so cold there, so it's not fun when you have to go and it's freezing.

Dan was like, "Dude, I have to go to the bathroom too, but in the normal sense. We made mistakes at the beginning of the Race because we got ahead of ourselves and didn't read clues carefully, but we learned to slow down.

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We had many opportunities to win legs, so we were definitely stoked then. What's next for you guys? I've been living in L. I'm shooting for Maxim on Wednesday. I just booked a couple of national commercials, so be looking for me! I'm back in South Carolina.

carol and brandy amazing race still dating

I'm getting ready to have shoulder surgery on Wednesday. I kind of tweaked my shoulder before the Race