Dwts tommy chong and peta murgatroyd dating

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd Dating News: Rumors Emerge Couple Back Together Again

dwts tommy chong and peta murgatroyd dating

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd Dating News: Rumors Emerge The "Dancing with the Stars" pros, who dated for 10 months in and , Tommy [Chong] would tease [Peta] about it," the insider said. Is Maksim Chmerkovskiy still dating Peta Murgatroyd? Are they boyfriend and girlfriend? Read on Tommy [Chong] would tease her about it. Tommy chong and peta dwts dating - Best dating sims for guys android. Tommy Chong and Peta Murgatroyd wrapped up Dancing With The Stars rehearsal on.

And so, with tango there's a whole culture. It takes years and years and years to really learn the culture.

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I was just showing her, you know, a little taste. The thing is about tango, it's a dance where the man has to lead. They get into a routine.

dwts tommy chong and peta murgatroyd dating

But in order to make Argentine tango look proper, the guy has to lead. So, that's what I was showing her. Overall, how is it working with Peta? She's all business, and I love that. Fall TV Popularity Contest: Which new shows won you over? What's been the most surprising part of the competition so far? Laughs You know, when you get old you get this scowl.

dwts tommy chong and peta murgatroyd dating

And inside, I'm only 16 years old. But the other body, I'm old and mean-looking if I don't smile. How did you get Cheech to agree to a cameo in Week 1? Well, you figure there's 14 million people watching the show, so the exposure's not bad for anybody.

And so, it wasn't really hard. Who came up with the skit for you two, rolling up in that car? It was the producers, just from our past reputation.

dwts tommy chong and peta murgatroyd dating

It's the producers that really run that show. I auditioned for the show two years ago, so I think the producers, like all good producers, plan years ahead if they can. And I think when they found out they were going to have Chong on the show, the first thing they did was think of the car and the smoke and what we're noted for. So, I've got to give all the credit and the blame to the producers. What are you and Peta working on for this week?

Peta Murgatroyd on Ex Maks' Return to 'DWTS': 'I'm Glad'

As soon as I finish this interview I'm on my way to rehearsal. Are you nervous about doing the jive for the first time? No, I'm not nervous at all. I don't get nervous. I wish I did. Even the last dance we did, I never got it right until the time I had to get it right, and I think everybody else but me was nervous. I wasn't nervous because I knew, I'll pull it off eventually.

I've been onstage all my life, so it's really hard to even fake nervousness. You seem to be one of the audience favorites this season. Are you surprised by all the support you've gotten? Not so much surprised as grateful. I'm not taking anything for granted.

I'm not taking the fan support for granted. I think the minute you do that, then you lose. The minute you go in there thinking that, oh, you've got it in the bag, that's when it's not in the bag.

What the judges say: Len calls Tommy "easy on the eye" and compliments him for getting through what was probably the toughest dance. I'm not sure if it's the best idea to have a live singer on stage with the dancers. Personally I found it a little distracting. What does everyone else think? Fortunately, Lea and Artem's tango is sensual and eye-catching enough on its own that this isn't a problem.

Lea continues to impress with her incredibly assured legwork.

'Dancing With the Stars' Tommy Chong Stops Short of Finals in Week 10 - ABC News

Julianne tells them both to lighten up and that Lea "sticks it" every time. Bruno loves the "right touch of evil" and the aloofness Lea conveyed and then falls out of his chair. Len says it started off hot but lost chemistry as it went on. Carrie Ann gets cut off. Derek is so good at designing these routines that it almost makes me angry.

This seductive, diabolical tango belongs in a Broadway show, not in a broadcast reality competition. Whatever focus problems Bethany was having during the week seem to have disappeared.