Gemini and leos dating

Gemini and Leo Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships - Zodiac Fire

gemini and leos dating

Gemini and Leo are naturally attracted to one another. They have similar values and interests and share a mutual appreciation for one another. Both are. Both love the new and novel, and their time of dating can be memorable. But Leo wants to be won over, and Gemini is a notoriously distracted. How well the Gemini and Leo zodiac signs they can understand each other. and spur of the moment dating escapades that will surely delight lady Gemini.

Playmates Gemini and Leo's inner children are always ready to play, and each has a super-sized appetite for life. Gemini provides the energy, ideas, and excitement, Leo brings drama and passion, and they're both theatrical.

gemini and leos dating

Each has a wide array of interests and are equally ready to try anything once. As playmates, they just get each other, so there will be no shortage of good times and fun when these two friends get together.

Why Gemini and Leo Are Attracted to Each Other

Laymates Being playmates and friends is easy for Leo and Gemini. Being laymates is a little more challenging. Sure, when Leo's fire meets Gemini's airthe flames burn brighter and passion flares, but keeping the sexual spark alive after the honeymoon stage is over could be a little challenging. Still, Gemini and Leo both love teasing each other. Gemini talks dirty and loves role play.

Gemini And Leo Compatibility, Love And Friendship

Leo is dramatic, enjoys the production, and is hardly demure. Both are into seduction; however, each often enjoys the promise of sex as much as the act itself. Theirs is not the most sensual coupling in the bedroom, but the lively conversations, hilarious jokes, and playful spontaneity they share just might be enough to keep them both happily satisfied.

This means they will have to use their theatrical skills and creative imaginations to script a variety of dramatic and playful scenarios that will spark them out of their playmate mode. Soulmates Considering the Sun sign only, Gemini and Leo can easily flow from playmates to laymates to soulmates without forsaking an ounce of fun. They accept and enhance each other; they are better when together, and both encourage the other to be completely and honestly who they are.

Gemini and Leo represent the bonding of mind and heart and thinking with willpower. If both recognize each holds the key that turns the other's lock, theirs just could be a wonderful soulmate love story.

Challenges Like everyone else, Gemini and Leo both have negative qualities that can present challenges in their relationships with others, among them are: When in love, Gemini and Leo are not likely to behave in such harsh ways with each other very often.

gemini and leos dating

There is a mutual understanding and emotional aspect to the relationship itself that gives both the urge to be more gentle with and forgiving of one another. The Composite Sun in Cancer Astrologers will tell you that every couple is a threesome; there are the two separate individuals, and then there's what they are together.

Yes, there's an astrological chart for the relationship itself that can help you understand the workings of any relationship. It's called a midpoint composite chart.

gemini and leos dating

The composite chart reveals the strengths, weaknesses, purposes, and challenges of a relationship. It answers questions such as: What does the relationship want? What does the relationship fear? What makes the relationship feel happy? This chart is the averaging of a couple's two natal charts. In other words; the mid-point between a one person's Sun and the other person's Sun is the Composite Sun. The Lion cares about peoples perceptions and will do everything to make sure this dynamite duo presents as gorgeous and successful.

Gemini is gregarious — attracted to diversity and introduces the Lion to a wider range of people. Both posses a wide range of skills — Gemini is particularly adaptable — so expect career changes to occur often.

gemini and leos dating

They are very much into each other — touchy feely without being vulgar — protective and reassuring. Constantly honing up on the latest in fashion, food and travel — these two often set trends. When the relationship really works its because intelligent Gemini subtly shifts Leos opinion without bruising the ego and Leo keeps challenging the twins with new flights of fantasy.

Social networking is not always a means to an end and the Lion has a warm and expansive heart — they just get caught up with game plans occasionally.

Gemini and Leo compatibility - Amor amargo【】

Jealousy can also rear its ugly head. Alternatively the twins have no time for petty jealousies and tend to flirt even more furiously when told to behave. Lateness and poor time management from Gemini can drive Leo to distraction — just remember fashionably late does not mean turning up the next day.

When Gemini and Leo fall in love… Leo feels emotions intensely — they burn bright and glow with the headiness of new love. Expect enormous output from these two in the beginning — plays will be written, songs sung, university degrees fast tracked and foreign languages learnt in a week. They wont sleep either — that would get in the way of feeling so alive. Brilliant dates are on the cards — symphonies, theatrical extravaganzas, degustation dinners — the good life will be thoroughly experienced until money or love dies out.

Gemini and Leo sexual compatibility… As a fire signLeo can whip themselves into a fireball of sexual frenzy in the blink of an eye. Sometimes the lion naturally assumes they are the most magnificent lovers that God ever created and improvement is impossible.

Its up to Gemini to take the lions natural passion and add flair and creativity. Gemini and Leo marriage compatibility… We all know Leo likes a party and is a bit of a show off so expect the event to be grand and completely high class.