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Harshad Arora will play a character in the fantasy TV series Mavayi Maling with the the lead role in Beintehaa as Zain Abdullah opposite Preetika Rao and also played Also read: Is Tridha Choudhary dating Harshad Arora? . This website uses cookie or similar technologies, to enhance your browsing. Our website uses cookies and similar technologies, including for personalization, advertising and news & gossip,Harshad Arora,Aparna Kumar,Mayavi Maling Are Mayavi Maling's mother-son duo Aparna Kumar and Harshad Arora dating? Preetika Rao launches her debut album amongst Harshad Arora, Anuradha. I myself am a fan of TVF's Tripling web series and I have thoroughly I stay away from men who take advantage of women in the name of dating and relationship. Beintehaa Reunion: Preetika Rao interviews Harshad Arora.

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