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These messages are not only clear but they are indeed messages. The films have something to say. They are not just films, but films with an agenda — an agenda that is clearly communicated. However, 15Malaysia is staunchly non-partisan in party political terms.

All Malaysians regardless of party political affiliations face the situations expressed in our films. As such, they are issues that every Malaysian citizen has a constitutional right to voice and are in fact above narrow party political interests. People appreciate that we spoke on their behalf.

Relevance is one of the central concepts of audience building in the digital age. Because numerous cultural products are competing for attention, instead of just uploading information and hoping that they will spread, the question rather is, who is my material relevant to and who has access to these people?

Cultural, political and geographical proximity to the readers of the main press publications in the country is hence at a minimum. The films and their message are relevant to Malaysians, and therefore to the readers of all newspapers. Further, the films became even more meaningful because of the timing of their launch.

Both are the two central national holidays in Malaysia with Independence Day, in particular, being preceded by a lot of political campaigns concerning national unity.

The whole thing started after the general elections and has a lot to do with the Internet — free media. It is not just us. We just ride on that big wave.

But the project was also relevant to other audiences. A lot of new media took it up and started to talk about — how, why? The second angle is the filmmakers. This is the first time that in such condensed fashion, 15 Malaysian filmmakers got together.

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So people from the filmmaking industry looked at it and thought it was quite interesting. The new wave has been making their way. They are award-winning people internationally. English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. Do you know how much work that is? But cultures do not just constitute themselves through geographical proximity.

The Hunt for Gollum is a perfect example of a film being relevant to a global cultural movement of Lord of the Rings fans. Tenner Films tried to tap into dozens of small organizations all over the world that shared its concern about nuclear energy or environmental issues.

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A story has to fit preoccupations or stereotypes. Albert Law said something about the way 15Malaysia approached journalists, which I think resonates well with the notion of consonance: We go to them and say: But what can you contribute to the project? As such, it did not just challenge perceptions of life in the country but also fit the stereotypes and mental scripts of those who were part of this movement.

In addition, 15Malaysia happened at a time when online film distribution and the accessing of large audiences independently of distribution agents was still in its infancy. Filmmakers around the world saw these projects as blue prints for a more independent future of filmmaking in the digital age. Novelty is closely related: The topic was fresh and the ambitions of 15Malaysia bringing together big names of Malaysian cultural and political life huge. No other such project existed. It hence fitted perfectly into a certain mood in society but was still new enough to be covered by the media.

Events in powerful nations will be more consequential for an audience. The same applies to elite people. In 15Malaysia, reference is made to Malaysia, which is of course the most elite nation for its own population.

Further, the filmmakers, the producers and some of the actors including one politician, a controversial musician and at least one actress were local celebrities. There is, nevertheless, reference to elites. The Cosmonaut got support from one of the leading designers in Spain. Encountering major bandwidth problems. Let us know if you can help. People are more interested in other people than in generalisations.

It i heavily promoted the 15 directors; ii tried to include the audience; and, iii created transparency and communicated in the first person. Personalisation creates trust by revealing the people behind the camera and their filmmaking journey, through openly communicating in the first person with audience members, sharing problems and involving the audience.

The audience was able to comment on the site as well as through Facebook. But interaction between creator and audience is much more than the plain provision of feedback options. It also means to enter into a conversation with the audience.

Traditionally, audiences are presented with a final film only. The distributors control the marketing and storytelling around a film. In 15Malaysia, the filmmakers communicated with their audiences themselves, in the first person and during the entire filmmaking process. This kind of transparent communication is unprecedented in film marketing. It helps to grow audiences continuously during the filmmaking process and turns the filmmaking journey into a longitudinal marketing story itself.

Transparent communication is of course time consuming. It is a low-cost alternative to more traditional mass marketing and therefore suits small-scale independent films much better than mainstream productions. It creates new audience building opportunities that potentially set independent films apart from their mainstream counterparts.

The head of MCA says good things about 15Malaysia. These vary from corruption, race relations, inflation, Islamic banking, social apathy, ethical commerce, pedophilia, government health warnings and so on.

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Some are funny, other serious — all try to deal with aspects of Malaysian life. They are hence more likely to become news. Damage, injury, death, deviance and conflict are examples of negativity in the news.

It was a demonstration for Malaysia as one nation, without fear of one another — and hence against the status quo. Any demonstration against the status quo is deviant behaviour and therefore negativity. Most of the films included actors from at least two different ethnicities. Films were subtitled into the four main languages of the country. For every media interview, filmmakers of at least two different ethnic groups appeared together.

They then tend to not give away airtime. But their mere independence means that, at least tacitly, every independent film demonstrates against the status quo within the commercial media sector. Both were vocal in being different, by either having a low production budget and the entire cast and crew working for free The Hunt for Gollum or giving the final film away for free in a day-and-date release while still aiming to be profitable The Cosmonaut.

But more importantly, news value is a useful concept if we argue from the perspective of the filmmaker as the news source, who wants to influence the opinion leader.

While fulfilling all news value factors is no guarantee for coverage, the concept of news value tries to explain on what basis opinion leaders attempt to serve their audiences. Since reaching these audiences is the common goal of the filmmaker and the opinion leader, the active construction and stressing of news value factors should at least be considered a useful option for the audience building filmmaker. The example of 15Malaysia positively confirms the usefulness of such approach.

The team created news write-ups, arranged press conferences and actively created news value. After all, audience building remains dependent on opinion leaders — and therefore intermediaries. Just like traditional mass media gatekeepers, these opinion leaders have to make professional decisions what news to share with their audiences and which ones to withhold. News value factors remain an important theoretical concept to explain such choices.

Using the Internet for marketing and distribution purposes was still in its infancy and the political climate in Malaysia suited its cause and message. The project had a clear idea of its audience and the opinion leaders that have access to them.

By creating specific events, having a clear message, cleverly using elites and being relevant to its target audience as well as controversial, successful and personal in addressing its audience, the project was able to create news value and therefore attract a large audience to make its stories and message heard.

The example of 15Malaysia shows that independent filmmakers can actively create news value for audience building purposes. They can take the list of news value factors Galtung and Ruge suggested as a starting point when developing their audience building strategies.

Doing so, provides them with an alternative way to market their films — a way that is potentially more independent from traditional marketing and distribution intermediaries in the film industry. Conclusion With this paper, I attempted to make two main contributions to current scholarship.

On a theoretical level, I offered the case study of 15Malaysia to support the view that the Internet is not completely reversing mass media. I avoided such notion. News value, for instance, is a mass media concept that remains useful when analysing decision making on the Internet. This view of continuity follows Manovich [ 25 ], who argued as early as that: On a practical level, I showed independent filmmakers, and other artists, that the concept of news value can help to cut through the noise of over-abundant small-scale culture on the Internet and hence overcome the problem of findability.

His research is interested in creative industry entrepreneurship in the digital age E-mail: I do not engage in a discussion of the media ecosystem that transports the message from filmmaker to audiences. For a discussion of news flows see Graeff, et al. Interestingly, similar claims were made when the introduction of VHS promised more independence from distribution and exhibition intermediaries see Knight, Bell suggested a division into news-intrinsic and news-extrinsic factors.

Both are excluded in this article. In her study of Hong Kong journalist bloggers, Chu found that this service character and the resulting popularisation of headlines and news contents, can be factors that drive especially younger journalists away from traditional media and into the blogosphere. Curran and Seaton,p.

Bednarek and Caple,p. Shelter in Place Zed Nelson, is a minute documentary about the devastating influence of Texan oil refineries on local communities. Tenner Films Vicky Lesley, ongoing is a one-person documentary production company that explores the human stories and social impact of nuclear energy.

Tenner Films and Shelter in Place were the first two U. Valkaama Tim Baumann, is a feature-length no-budget film that, other than the other projects, did not successfully reach a meaningful audience. The Cosmonaut Nicolas Alcala, is a Spanish feature-length science-fiction film that successfully raised overEuros through crowdfunding, merchandise sales and marketing events. Galtung and Ruge,p. References Sigurd Allern, Monika Bednarek and Helen Caple, The language of news media.

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Media stories on unemployment. The language of new media. Grant David McCracken, A history of American independent film making.

home and away 5850 online dating

An American film culture. Karin Wahl-Jorgensen and Thomas Hanitzsch editors. Handbook of journalism studies. News values and source strategies. Miramax and the transformation of Hollywood in the s. University of Texas Press. Leonie Margaret Rutherford, Analyse der aktuellen Berichterstattung. Jess Search and Melissa McCarthy, Not to mention you will get access to exclusive online offers and savings! For rush orders, get your groceries the same day and in as little as two hours through our partnership with Instacart in select zip codes.

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home and away 5850 online dating

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home and away 5850 online dating

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