Hyungsik and jihyun officially dating

ZE:A's Hyungsik proposes to 4Minute's Jihyun on "The Romantic & Idol"

The female idols are FIESTAR's Jei, 4minute's Nam Ji-hyun, AOA's The male idols are JJ Project's JB, ZE:A's Hyung-sik, 2PM's Jun. There has been speculation that the two are dating ever since their Jihyun tweeted on the 24th, “Like Hyungsik said in his interview, we're not in a But Jihyun and Hyungshik were really the official couple ㅠㅠ [+ Since choosing each other on the reality dating show, rumours have been flying that the pair are officially dating, but they're ready to set the.

The Romantic was originally a reality TV program that involved normal bachelors and bachelorettes who spent nine nights and ten days together experiencing movie style romance. The new season of the show has changed titles and now, instead of normal people, the romantics are K-pop idols from popular music groups. The difference between The Romantic and Idol and We Got Married is that the latter is more of a variety program and is known for being scripted, where as The Romantic and Idol is a reality program where there is very little staff involvement.

There are four female idols and four male idols that are being paired off to have an organic dating experience on Jeju Island for this season.

The show obviously tried to cast idols with a variety of fame levels and a variety of ages, which already seems to be causing complications in the show.

hyungsik and jihyun officially dating

So far, the age difference has made some of the idols self-conscious, such as JB, and some of the idols, such as Ji-hyun, like their dates less, because her ideal type is older, rather than the younger Hyung-sik. While there are women who like younger men in the world, there seems to be a distinct feeling in this group of women that an older man would be preferable.

The show has banned manager access, which is an interesting choice for a show involving K-pop idols. This is where the reality vs. The production team is doing their best, so they say, to have a natural dating environment for the idols without the interference of managers. Will the idols really let loose and say whatever they want?

hyungsik and jihyun officially dating

Mir certainly will, but he does that whether there are managers or not. I think it is a little early to tell how open the idols will be once they start getting into the romance of things, but not having managers does change the dynamic of the show.

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The Romantic and Idol, We Can't Get Enough Dating

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Is Park Hyung Sik Dating Now? Who is his girlfriend?

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Park Hyungsik | Love IN DA CUBE

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