Jacob and bella dating fanfic

Bella and Jacob Love Life Chapter 1, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

jacob and bella dating fanfic

After rescuing Bella from her cliff-diving experiment, Jacob drives her home in his truck. This is how I've always pictured that scene to end, and I finally took the. Breakthrough from the story Choices (A Bella and Jacob FanFic) by neonmist (a human being) with reads. "Bella Swan, will you go on a date with me?" +. I don't own Twilight; I don't own The Dating Detox either. This is a Jacob & Bella story based on the Dating Detox by Gemma Burgess.

jacob and bella dating fanfic

Didn't he know I was dying over here? Did he care at all? Our relationship was getting strained, we were pulling further and further away from each other. I couldn't fathom what it was, but I would sometimes rather hang out with my parents that him sometimes.

I would at times rather talk to him then make out. My distaste for him half the time was confusing… I know right.

I was such a weirdo. I glared at the kitchen door, and lit a cigarette…They helped me get my mind off things. I took a long drag, breathing in its intoxicating smoke. I was so fucking pissed! Shouldn't a boyfriend stay with a girlfriend? Or should he just abandon her.

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Okay, I knew his work was crazy at the moment but he seriously should let me know where he is! I was going to find Edward and we were going home! I didn't care how fucking serious his work was. I made my way through them, pushing and slipping through gaps as the loud cheesy 80's dance music pounded in my ears. I finally made it into the hallway, and I leaned against a wall, trying to catch my breath, which had been suffocated out of me by the crazy dancing in the lounge.

Some people turn and see at my entrance and turn around again, noticing that I am boring. See what I mean! I took no notice of them and turned my attention on finding Edward. I entered a bedroom, with a closed-door, feeling instinctive.

Oh, wait a second… There he is… Oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my god What I had said 'Fuck it all' I had not meant literally.

jacob and bella dating fanfic

Edward was on a couch. He was completely naked except for a judge's wig, being straddled by a nearly naked pink lady his slut of an assistantI could tell because she was still wearing her pink jacket, with 'Frenchy' embroidered on it. They were having sex. Holy shit, they were having sex. The statement took a few minutes to register in my head. And when I'm at the party too! It was like cheating while I was looking at him! As a look of ecstasy crossed Edward's face, he glanced up at the doorway and saw me, standing there in utter shock.

He cursed under his breath, and 'the pink lady slut' clearly noticed and turned to see me, as soon as she knew whom it was. She smirked at me. She must have seduced him!

Shock replaced pleasure, on Edward's face "Bella! I didn't know Edward was such asshole!

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I had to get out of there. I backed out of the door, tightly clutching my clutch bag. I turned and ran out of the open front door, letting the fresh air engulf me. I could hear them all whooping and cheering. I hate them all! I put on a black sting bikini. Then walked out to the pool.

jacob and bella dating fanfic

Of course Jake looked at me like I was a fucking model. He came over to me and held me by my waist kissing me. Then he leaned into my ear and said "You are just about to kill me. Diving in as the boys watched me. Soon everyone left and Claire's mom showed up to give her some clothes.

We began to watch a movie and she fell asleep so Jake carried her to the guest bedroom and came back down to me. Just as Claire walked down the stairs. You'll learn about it when you are older.

jacob and bella dating fanfic

Lets go back to bed. There goes our night. Time to call her mother to warn her. Bella is everything all right? Um I'm really sorry but me and Jake were downstairs and we were fooling around and Claire walked down the stairs and saw us. She asked what we were doing and I told her it was something only husband and wife should do. She has seen me and Jesse too and we said the same thing. Your young you do stupid shit like that all the time.

Claire has walked in on her and Jesse too. After that I don't remember anything until Claires cry in the morning woke me up. Claire was just beginning to sleep through the night alone. I got out of bed and looked at Jake as he rolled over trying to block the sun from shining in his eyes.

I walked down the hall to Claire. Her cry got louder and then got more quiet. She got happy and ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. I heard the phone ringing and answered it before it could wake Jake. Thought I would give you a call. What are you doing today? Emily thinks she is pregnant.

Alice never said anything back. I waited thinking she was seeing the future. It took me a few minutes to figure out what she was talking about. I'll be over soon with a pregnancy test. I'll help take care of the kids too.

jacob and bella dating fanfic

They should be just fine. Jake imprints on Bella and after a run in with Victoria Bella realizes her true feelings for Jake but when Edward returns decisions have to be made and they will effect everything. How New Moon should have happened. Sorry I am writing on a whim so the summery is really short. Please read and review. T - English - Chapters: What will happen to Jacob and Bella's relationship when Jake finally steps up to the alpha position? What will it do to Bella?

Bella asks Jacob to stay with her instead of fighting the Newborns. How will this effect her relationship with Jacob and Edward? B X J Twilight - Rated: But what if the roles were reversed? Can love be found out from its changes?

Bella and Jacob: A Love Story Chapter 1: Chapters One through Four, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

But when Edward finds out, he's willing to go to all lengths to get his one and only true love back. But, the time I did have with her, I wouldn't take back for anything. For a little while, at least, I was what she wanted. I had made her happy.