Jianhao and naomi dating service

jianhao naomi dating apps

jianhao and naomi dating service

4 days ago JianHao Tan is a Singaporean YouTube celebrity, actor, and radio personality who is widely popular in Asia. Date Joined pursue a career on YouTube after serving two years of national (compulsory) service in the army. [11 March UPDATE] Naomi Neo has married her boyfriend, H, in an . creator, Jianhao Tan were thick as thieves, and very much in love. Kesian jianhao tan. User is offline Card PM. Top. + Quote Reply .. At least the new 1 not so crazy. Debbie and naomi quite look alike.

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jianhao and naomi dating service

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jianhao and naomi dating service

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Lacerate Adolf bred, Setting up a fake dating profile cop-out intermittently. It's such a shame that I'm only sharing this amazing story today, but in all my years with several other guys, I've never seen anyone who was able to treat me the way he did.

The graciousness, the compassion, the security, the assurance and the love he gave me were unconditional. I believe I did my part too and I made sure everything he did for me was reciprocated with sincerity. Gifts are no longer special, they become a necessity, being there for your other half becomes a commitment. Falling in love is easy, but staying in love is hard. It's sad as you watch your flirty msgs turn into nothing but daily, routined questions.

The moment one party decides to stop trying, the relationship would start to deteriorate and eventually that's how people break up, separate or even divorce.

Everything was perfect between the both of us, or at least during the first year but soon it got boring and strenuous as work got in the way.

Jianhao naomi dating apps

Work, work and lots of work. He started his business late last year during my assessment period and we started arguing a lot due to our clash in schedules. We both felt compromised as our priorities shifted. We still managed to work it out eventually but more and more things got in the way. We started to run out of topics to talk about because we saw each other every single day.

It was kinda bad because the only thing that kept our conversations going was work and it became pressurising as it becomes a challenge finding new things to talk about every single day. We knew meeting all the time wasn't the right thing to do to our dying relationship but it was so habitual and we felt uncomfortable whenever we were apart.

jianhao and naomi dating service

So yes, it might have been boring but it also made us feel comfortable. All the perfections you once saw in that person or relationship start turning into doubts like, "is this what I wanna live with for the rest of my life?

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming everything on these two factors because I had my wrongs and parts where I failed to perform as his girlfriend which I will be completely honest about today: Firstly, I saw someone else for awhile last year when our relationship was at a pretty rocky stage and I felt like he wasn't giving me the love and attention I needed due to his busy schedule.

I begged for him to stay and he forgave me, so I cut all contact with that guy. I fought hard to gain his trust again and we were okay for awhile as we tried working things out after we spoke about how we both felt. However, I guess we never really got to the root of the problem and the last straw for him was when it happened again a week before he decided to call things off between us. As mentioned in the earlier part of my post, the relationship started to go downhill and more problems arose, we could hardly hold a conversation without getting into an argument and conveniently, the same guy spoke to me again.

So I met him and JH found out eventually.


I know this is not the point and as long as I have the intention to hide, it's cheating but there were no physical contact between us Just to clarify. I ended things off with that guy and this time, it was a clean slate. In case you were wondering, that guy and I were never serious about each other and I guess I was foolish for indulging in the thrill of it without thinking of the consequences.