Joe dempsie and larissa wilson dating

From Dev Patel to Nicholas Hoult: What are the Skins cast up to now? | Metro News

joe dempsie and larissa wilson dating

Time passes, and now the Skins stars we knew and loved have moved on (in some cases) to bigger things. Here's what the skins cast members. Larissa Wilson (Jal Frazer, Generation 1) big projects including The Fades ( opposite Joe Dempsie), The Sarah Jane Adventures (), DCI. Larissa Wilson, Joseph Dempsie, Daniel Kaluuya, Dev Patel and . and bagged a beautiful girlfriend in the shape of co-star Frieda Pinto.

A plum role in Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire ensured Patel caught the eye of LA directors; the star also enjoyed a lengthy romance with his co-star Frieda Pinto Patel took the title role in the subsequent film Slumdog Millionaire and bagged a beautiful girlfriend in the shape of co-star Frieda Pinto, although the couple split after six years together. He stars alongside Nicole Kidman as an adoptive son who is looking for his birth mother and his performance earned him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Jack O'Connell played troubled chav James Cook. These days, you're more likely to find him collaborating with some of the biggest names in film Hot on the heels of Patel's success, Jack O'Connell already knows what it feels like to star alongside some of the world's biggest actors. It's a far cry from the chavtastic 'Cook' who saw O'Connell show off his acting prowess as a year-old womaniser who would rather carouse than show any hint of his real feelings.

Nicholas Hoult had already hit the big-time as a child star in the film About a Boy with Hugh Grant His character is Skins couldn't have differed more but it showed Hoult had proper acting chops beyond the cute child star role. While Tony Stonem caused mayhem in the first series, a brain bleed in the second left him a more vulnerable character.

After appearing on Channel 4's Black Mirror, his next project takes him across the pond; where he'll film Black Panther, the new Marvel film. He's also had big screen roles in Johnny English Reborn and Kickass 2.

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Now 27, the Bristol-raised actress is currently playing Gilly in Game of Thrones Some of Skin's darkest storylines involved troubled Cassie Ainsworth, who battled anorexia, drug addiction and suicidal thoughts in the show.

A role in big budget film Monsters: A role in slasher movie Tormented followed for April, after theatre roles and an appearance on Casualty.

joe dempsie and larissa wilson dating

Kiss Me First is Pearson's latest project. The book adaptation is set to be screened on Netflix and comes from the Skins writing team. Dev Patel Anwar Kharral Anwar was even more conflicted than the rest of his awkward teenage compatriots. Advertisement His devout Muslim routes were in a constant battle with the alcohol and drug-fuelled antics of his peers. These factors were complicated even further by his relationship with best friend Maxxie who was gay.

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According to a number of his co-stars, the role was specifically written for Dev Patel after he was cast in the series and partly based on his personality. His next role is in an upcoming thriller called Hotel Mumbai. Advertisement Hannah Murray Cassie Ainsworth Cassie was introduced as a character suffering from numerous mental health issues.

She was the ultimate paradox in that despite all these struggles she was also one of the most chirpy and upbeat characters in the programme.

Murray returned for a feature length episode based solely on her character in season seven entitled 'Pure. Advertisement She's best known by far for her role in Game of Thrones though, she plays the Wildling 'Gilly' who flees south of the wall with Samwell Tarly.

joe dempsie and larissa wilson dating

Mike Bailey Sid Jenkins The much less popular best friend of Tony, Sid was the personification of the 'nice guys finish last' cliche.

He remained devoted to Tony despite the fact he constantly manipulated him and poked fun at Sid's feelings for his own girlfriend, Michelle. Slowly Sid's luck began to change and he ended up in a love triangle with Michelle and Cassie, who he eventually decided was the person he had real feelings for.

Did Joe Dempsie & Larissa Wilson from Skins ever date?

More interested in smoking weed than his studies, Sid constantly underperformed at school. Advertisement However he showed his remarkable intelligence by completing an entire history dissertation in one evening to save his grades.

Mike Bailey hasn't enjoyed as much success as some of his co-stars on the show, however he did appear in historical drama The Battle for Middle Earth. He also appeared in a film called We Are the Freaks while he's set to appear in an upcoming project called Reunion in Hell.

Despite being a strong character in her own right Michelle constantly let him walk all over her. Advertisement About half way through the season she cut all ties with him leading to her own character coming to the fore.

joe dempsie and larissa wilson dating

Tony's attempt to win her back results in the accident at the end of the first season. Her last appearance was in the music video for The Wombats' single 'Greek Tragedy. Advertisement He decides the best route is to throw a huge party with it. Later on we learn of his teenage crush on psychology teacher Angie which turns into a full blown affair, complicated later by his relationship with Jal.

His biggest role came in Game of Thrones where he plays Gendrie. Gendrie is the illegitimate son of the late king Robert Baratheon, he appeared in nine episodes in the first two seasons and eight in season three.

joe dempsie and larissa wilson dating