Lucy fry and chai romruen dating

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lucy fry and chai romruen dating

5 International release dates; 6 See also; 7 References; 8 External links Lucy Fry as Lyla (series 1), seen as the leader of the three mermaids. Chai Romruen as Zac, who becomes a merman after falling into the Moon Pool during a full. Surachai "Chai" Romruen is an Australian actor who portrays Zac. Born on February 8th , Chai started in a primitive hospital in Ko Samui (Thailand), where he was born into a mixed cultural family, a Thai Father (Superut Romruen) and an Australian Mother (Sandra Hansen). Episode Info. Trouble occurs when Ondina sneaks Erik into the grotto. Network: Netflix. Air Date: May 29, Cast. Amy Ruffle as Sirena. Chai Romruen as Zac Blakely. Lucy Fry as Lyla. Ivy Latimer as Nixie. Dominic Deutscher as Cam.

Add your rating See all 28 kid reviews. A late-summer camping trip to the remote island of Mako takes an unexpected turn when Zac Chai Romruen falls into a mystical pool during a full moon and becomes a merman.

The accident has dire consequences for the entire mermaid pod, which then shuns Sirena Amy RuffleNixie Ivy Latimerand Lyla Lucy Frywho decide to take Zac's powers back to set things right.

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But to do so, they have to find him, and that means taking on human forms and joining the land-dwellers. Continue reading Show less Is it any good? Hoping to reel in some of H2O's success with viewers, Mako Mermaids retains many touches of the original, most evidently the emphasis on three beautiful teen mermaids who aren't exactly best friends in the beginning but whose relationship evolves over time.

New to the mix is a male character, and a merman at that, which gives the show a distinct flair and a little more macho charisma. It's possible that this change could entice the boy demographic somewhat, but more likely it will just ramp up the appeal to the girls who are already watching.

Mako Mermaids marks a change in the tone of Netflix's original series, which previously had churned out only shows meant for an older audience. Of course, introducing kids to online TV raises its own concerns, so if this is your kids' first experience with this, that is a factor to consider.

As for this show, though, its generally benign content welcomes a range of ages, and the mermaids' awkward fish-out-of-water storyline provides many laughable moments. There are also touches of mythology and subtle thinking points about tolerance and individuality that can be gleaned from the story if kids are so inclined.

lucy fry and chai romruen dating

She is intelligent and inquisitive, and occasionally has to bail Ondina out of trouble. She eventually finds out that Zac is her long lost brother. Gemma Forsyth as Evie recurring, series 1; main, series 2—3who is Zac's girlfriend.

In series one, she believes the girls are stalking her and is jealous of Zac spending time with Lyla.

Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure

She eventually learns the girls are mermaids and apologises for her quick judgement. She is accidentally transformed into a mermaid in series two and back into a land girl again in series three. Alex Cubis as Erik series 2[3] a merman who is descended from a line of mermen who have not been seen for thousands of years. He is solitary and elusive. Linda Ngo as Weilan series 3[4] a Chinese mermaid who accidentally leads a magic water dragon to Mako.

She is sassy and has a dry wit. She prefers sleeping and socialising on land as the dragon has caused her to be wary of life in the ocean. Recurring[ edit ] Dominic Deutscher as Cam, Zac's best friend who quickly becomes aware of Zac's transformation into a merman.

While Cam is initially supportive of his friend and helps to keep his secret, he becomes jealous and envious of Zac's powers. He is outraged when Zac tries to return the trident to its chamber, and works to become a merman himself.

lucy fry and chai romruen dating

They later make up and Cam helps Zac destroy the merman chamber. Kerith Atkinson as Rita, the school principal and a mermaid. She left her pod years ago to be with a human boy she fell in love with, but who died before they could marry. She serves as a source of knowledge and history for the girls, and teaches them how to properly use their powers.

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Rowan Hills as David, an employee at the Ocean Cafe. He and Sirena become mutual love interests. David finds out about mermaids at the end of series 2. Brooke Lee as Carly, an employee at the Ocean Cafe.

lucy fry and chai romruen dating

She had feelings for David but is now with Cam.