Rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating william

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rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating william

Rumors have re-surfaced about Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper. to Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro and Cuban actor William Levy. Tags. Find out what Brazilian hottie Rodrigo Santoro told us about playing the American Idol judge's husband in upcoming summer flick, What to. Bill Campbell and Jennifer Lopez photos, news and gossip. Find out more about.. . Jennifer Lopez and Billy Campbell were in an on-screen matchup.

rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating william

Consequently, a confidentiality agreement was drawn up but he breached the contract and was also sued for invasion of privacy alongside the breaching.

These occurrences made the marriage seem more like a battlefield other than what it was meant to be.

rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating william

The couple finally separated in January and got divorced on the 1st of March The two had been together for months but never publicly acknowledged their relationship. Sadly by Februarythe relationship was over. Cris Judd With Chris Judd: They got married on the 29th of September, At this time, Lopez was still married to Cris Judd.

rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating william

When Jennifer was in the process of divorcing Cris Judd, Affleck started making his intentions known. They were both later seen at a Vancouver strip club. Intheir relationship blossomed into an engagement and even on to wedding plans. The couple frequently collaborated together. Sadly inMarcAnthonyy and Jennifer Lopez publicly announced that they had mutually agreed to end their marriage.

Shortly after, the two were confirmed to be back together.

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The entire relationship finally ended in August And the focus for the American Idol judge, who is set to commit to a new season of the talent show any day now according to People. The stunning mother-of-two is making sure that three-year-old twins Max and Esme feel secure in the wake of their parents split.

rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating william

Earlier in the week she lavished a kiss upon her son Max, now the main man in her life, during a break in filming. His sister Emme was also close by, and looked beautiful in a dove grey dress teamed with a delicate gold bracelet, proving she already has her mother's style. The little darling's tiny nails were painted yellow to match her hair bands.

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But while the sophistication of her outfit belied Emme's tender years, the toddler was splashed in face paint - or perhaps fruit juice. Lopez wears dungarees to film scenes in parenthood film Lopez was in Miami at the weekend to celebrate her 42nd birthday with the twins and close friends and family aboard the foot Oceanfast super yacht Never Say Never.

Showing her estranged husband Marc Anthony exactly what he's missing, the danced around the deck in a flowing white skirt, Pucci bikini top and matching headscarf.

She took to Twitter later that day, writing: Lopez's daughter Emme was spotted arriving on set earlier this week for a visit Share or comment on this article: Jennifer Lopez steps out with hunky new man

rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating william