Rufus and lily dating in real life

Gossip Girl's Lily and Rufus getting together in real life causes fan frenzy | Metro News

rufus and lily dating in real life

While the rumors that this former on-screen romance becoming real life have been circulating since last year, it looks like the entirety of the. She says they “love each other”. Lily van der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey FINALLY fell in love (and got married) on Gossip Girl, but is their. Why doesn't Nate ever sleep with Lily? 5. Bart Bass Nate and Serena don't end up together why? They have the It's Dan, who lives in DUMBO, just chillin' in the UES. What happens to Rufus and Lily's son, Scott? To help you do that, we created a functional backpack with the everyday artist in mind.

She would have made more sense than Lisa Loeb. Sure, their children got married, but even if Rufus and Lily had gotten back together, they weren't related. Yes, Lily's relationship with Bart got in the way of them being together more than once. Having them finally get together was the right move by Gossip Girl.

The drama that followed as Lily hid her cancer treatments and William tried to win her back wasn't either. However, for the most part, they were good together and it's just too bad that they couldn't reconcile. Blair and Prince Louis Blair and Prince Louis' relationship was just one of the many roadblocks in the way of the show's endgame. Blair and Chuck were clearly going to end up together.

Having Blair be with a prince wasn't going to change that. In fact, having her date Prince Louis wasn't even a problem. Blaire and Prince Louis' had a sweet relationship, but you could tell Blaire wasn't truly in-love with Louis. Why this couple hurt the series is that they got married. Blair actually went through with the wedding, even after a Gossip Girl blast including her love for Chuck.

At the very least, that video should have meant the end of that royal relationship. The fact that it didn't and all the drama that resulted from it including Blair's pregnancy and Louis paying Chuck's therapist made it a painful storyline.

Eric and Jonathan There were few same-sex couples on Gossip Girl. In the first season, Eric came out and he dated Asher, Jonathan, and Eliot over the course of the show.

Love story ( Lily Van der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey )

Even though Eric wasn't as involved in the drama as the other main characters, his relationships weren't conflict-free. In the second and third seasons, Eric dated Jonathan but they broke up after Jonathan cheated on him.

rufus and lily dating in real life

After Eric began working with Blair to embarrass Jenny, Jonathan broke up with him because he'd changed. Despite that, it was good to see Eric have a storyline. It helps that this relationship didn't have a negative effect on other characters as well.

rufus and lily dating in real life

Dan and Georgina This one is easy. Georgina pretended to be someone else when she first met Dan. That was back when Dan and Serena were together and Georgina was Serena's frenemy. However, there's one big reason why Dan and Georgina as a couple hurt the series: At the end of season 3, Georgina showed up at the Humphreys' loft pregnant. Of course in a situation like that, it makes sense to get a paternity test.

Dan did or at least thought he didbut it turned out he wasn't the father. Georgina used him because he was the nicest person out of those she'd been within the right time frame.

Gossip Girl‘s Lily & Rufus Dating In Real Life? The Rumors Look Truer Than Ever Now!

Dan and Blair Some people liked Dan and Blair together. No matter how you felt, however, it was a pairing that had to be explored at some point. Once Gossip Girl had the two of them begin to become friends and bond over movies and art, it was inevitable.

If nothing had come from it, there would have always been that question of "what if? Her father was named Arlo. She grew up on a commune and referenced it in every single episode. On a show full of Worsts! They tried really hard to make Bing happen for awhile.

  • Fans have gone a bit crazy that Gossip Girl’s Lily and Rufus might be dating in real life
  • Gossip Girl fans go crazy at Lily and Rufus ‘dating in real life’
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Bing did not happen. The whole show revolves around these people going to college, but slowly college just … stops. No one talks about it anymore, not even pretentious Dan. The Prince just marries Blair. Really, no alternative makes sense to me. It never added up quite right.

Gossip Girl fans go crazy at Lily and Rufus ‘dating in real life’ | Closer

Remember how Blair was pregnant? Yeah, just a blip on the radar here to get rid of Louis. We never find out who she is. Towards the end of the series, Nate, an adult man, dates a high schooler. And no one bats an eye.

Bart Bass was a little bit too psychotic and William kind of split the difference. William is going to let her enjoy her teacup full of gin and be as much like her mother as she's likely going to become. Rufus and Lily, that was something that was great about the Dan and Serena wedding, was that Rufus and Lily are now connected to each other forever through their children. It was important that you felt they had a very loving, warm bond and that everybody was happy. Did you always know Gossip Girl would be Dan?

Were there any other names tossed out? We never really entertained any other ideas of who Gossip Girl was. It was whether we were going to reveal it. Interestingly, in the pilot episode, the test audience thought that Dan was Gossip Girl.

We actually had to re-edit one of our sequences. It's when he's on the computer looking at Gossip Girl, the way it was edited that he was typing as the voice was coming up, people thought that they were being told that he was Gossip Girl. So we actually had to re-edit that sequence. Some fans have a lot of questions about why Dan did certain things… We could have made the show two hours long with just Rufus drilling Dan about all of those things.

What about this time and what about that other time? Wait, you wrote this about yourself?! My hope is that people who are really curious about that can go back and rewatch the season and get their brains going. We were so happy that none of them got out.

rufus and lily dating in real life

With Mayor Bloomberg, were able to shoot in the city when he was available. It was all very dramatic with him coming in the back door so the paparazzi wouldn't see him and we shot inside. Jessica Szohr was in town for a movie. She did her cameo on the set of Carrie Diaries and it's Carrie Bradshaw's '80s kitchen she's standing in. We didn't send dailies out, we didn't send out to international partners, we didn't send the last two acts to anyone.

We really tried to control spoilers. The paparazzi got wedding photos of Chuck and Blair and Dan and Serena.

Was that expected or were you disappointed that happened? The Chuck and Blair wedding, we knew as soon as we stepped outside, it would be captured by the paparazzi.

rufus and lily dating in real life