Sam and freddie dating fanfiction

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sam and freddie dating fanfiction

iHave a Dirty Little Secret. Summary-Sam and Freddie are happily dating. There is just one twist-nobody knows. Disclaimer-Not now nor have I. Sam and Freddie are about to go on their first date. Freddie is trying to keep it a secret from his mom. While Sam is up to her normal innocent. Carly loves Freddie but Sam is dating will Freddie alckor.infoi cant write a creddie. my hands wont finish it. if this story stays a.

She started to gaze at him. Freddie didn't notice this and carried on talking. I'm tired of pretending to lose our beat up sessions.

She took her hands out of Freddie's, took two steps back and placed her hands on her hips. You don't actually think you can beat me for real. I know I was weak but I've gotten stronger, I can beat you. He closed his eyes first, but instead of kissing him she pounced on him and tackled him to the ground. Freddie, who didn't expect this, landed on the ground with a 'THUD'. He quickly recovered and grabbed both of Sam's arms. Sam struggled to get her arms of Freddie's grasp but he wouldn't let go.

Freddie flipped her over so he was on top of her. Sam was still struggling, she tried to kick him but her legs were trapped under his.

She gave up and stared at him mouth open and completely dazed. Freddie took this advantage and put his tongue in his mouth. Sam was still in shock but kissed back after awhile. Their tongues were fighting for dominance, exploring each other's mouths, memorizing and savouring every bit of detail in there. It started out slow, soft and sweet.

IDate Sam and Freddie a Revision Chapter 1, an icarly fanfic | FanFiction

Then it started to get heated. Freddie got off Sam and she sat up, but never breaking the kiss. Sam wrapped her arms around Freddie's neck and Freddie wrapped his around her waist. Unfortunately, the need for oxygen became too much and they broke apart panting and smiling.

Have you been working out? It was firm and big, AN: She turned as red as a tomato when she said this. Freddie however stayed calm and tried not to smirk. Sam tore her hand away from his bicep and moved it to his chest. She could feel his abs though his shirt. Then she realized something. Why didn't you tell me? I mean, I'm your girlfriend for crying out loud. Sam was staring at his shirt dying to see the abs underneath it.

iHave a Dirty Little Secret Chapter 1: The Secret, an icarly fanfic | FanFiction

Freddie could sense her eyes on him and knew exactly what they were looking at. He sighed and lifted up his shirt halfway. Sam's eyes widened and she blushed. Sam's cheeks turned a deeper shade of pink.

She raised her hand and gently ran it over his abs. She ran over ever bump and dent. Freddie was still looking out to the view of Seattle and shivering at her touch now and again. Sam was relentless, though, still refusing to make eye contact, eyes roving everywhere but him.

After a few seconds, she finally looks up at him, a cute, crooked grin beginning to form on his face. She can't help but smile back; his grin was irresistible.

It was one of those contagious grins that could have you smiling along with it in no time. Carly was beginning to get annoyed as they stared at each other, so she finally pushes their heads together, joining them at the lips. Sam's lips move slowly in tandem with his, creating a familiar slow rhythm between them. She can feel her skin burning up where Freddie has his hands pressed against her back—even beneath the fabric of her plaid shirt—fingers splayed open across it as he presses his lips against hers harder.

For a moment, they forget where they are, and it feels like it's just the two of them in the studio—or rather, the world. That is until Gibby begins singing.

sam and freddie dating fanfiction

And if you'll be mine! To the ends of all time!

sam and freddie dating fanfiction

Hey, for Gibby, it didn't sound too horrid! Carly, Sam, and Freddie clap as he finishes his song, shaking their heads and laughing a bit. After Gibby had left the studio after his little serenade, Carly, Sam, and Freddie made their way downstairs, Carly cooing and squealing over how cute they were as she offered them food.

It had only been thirty minutes since they'd first started eating the bowl of cubed fruit on the table, just talking and chattering about random things.

sam and freddie dating fanfiction

But both on Sam and Freddie's minds were what had happened earlier. Both wanted to talk to the other, let out what they were feeling, what they felt in those moments when it seemed Freddie was going to break up with her. He turns around awkwardly to face her, and she just raises and eyebrow and steps to the side, nodding towards his apartment door. Late shift at the hospital. Without another word, Freddie opens up his apartment door, and before he can press her into the door and kiss her like he'd been wanting to ever since they were eating the cubed fruit, she takes his hand and leads her to his bedroom.

When they get there, he grabs ahold of her waist from behind when she reaches the foot of his bed, pulling her snug against him as he immediately kisses down her neck. He lets his hands creep up her upper body, getting closer to his intended target. His fingers graze vertically across her ribs ever so slowly, kissing a trail along her neck. He could feel her pulse quickening beneath his lips, and he grins against her flesh, pulling her even closer to him. She breathes heavily through her nostrils, a hand flitting to the back of Freddie's head as he continues to kiss across her neck.

But she stops them, not wanting to seem weak in front of him. Since when does Sam Puckett cry anyway? You could've done something amazing—could've had such a better future—and I just ruined it for you.

I don't know anyone who'd still want to be with me after that. I'm the worst girlfriend ever. He only shakes his head back and forth and runs his fingers through the side of her head and into her hair, leaving a lingering kiss on her forehead softly. Her hand comes up to latch onto his forearm as she bows her head into the kiss and bites her lip against the apprehension seizing her nerves. You're not the worst girlfriend ever. Far from it, actually.

There is no one out there like you, Sam. No one that drives me as insane as you can, no one that can make me smile as wide as you can… no one. I still have a great future ahead of me, Sam.

C'mon, you know me. I'm Freddie the tech nerd! When he finally gets them open, he pushes it back and pulls away, signaling for her to take it off.

sam and freddie dating fanfiction

She complies, pushing it off her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. She's left in only a bright blue spaghetti strap, and he immediately runs his fingertips along its hem for only a second before lifting it up and over her head, revealing her matching solid blue bra. He steps back and allows his eyes to travel up and down his girlfriend's body, appreciating her amazing figure. And he wasn't even done undressing her yet. Her eyes roam everywhere but him, and she crosses her arms over her chest uncomfortably.

After a few more minutes of a heated lip-lock, Sam pulls away with swollen lips and whispers his name. He smirks and knows exactly what she wants, so he lifts her up and brings her down on the bed gently. He stands at the foot of it, looking down at her and still smirking. She lifts herself up by her forearms and looks up at him, trying to anticipate his next move. He finally kneels on the bed slowly and lifts his shirt up and over his head, leaving him clad in a white tank top.

But he removes that quickly as well and crawls over to her, never breaking eye contact, leaning over her as he brought his head down to hers. She closes her eyes, expecting his lips to come in contact with hers. When they don't, she pops her eyes open to see him smiling cockily, lips just mere inches from hers. She growls and takes the initiative, leaning up and forcing their lips together smoothly, opening and closing together in a slow rhythm.

She could still feel his smile against her lips, and she brings a hand up to the back of his neck, dropping her arm down and laying flat on the bed now with him on top of her. Not being able to take it anymore, he reaches down and pops open the snap of her jeans before unzipping them and beginning to push them down her slender legs, fingers searing her flesh wherever they graze.

The hot, tingling sensation beginning to wrack Sam's core makes her dizzy, and she just watches his slow movements beneath heavy-lidded eyes. She's only dimly aware of the room around her when she sees him removing his own pants after hers had come off. She only comes back to reality when she feels his weight propped up against her, and for whatever reason, she gasps into the chaste kiss he places on her lips. It was heating up in his room, and he could feel his skin dampening with sweat with her body heat against him.

Her scent—sweet, gentle, and and purely Sam—was intoxicating, and he felt the desire pulsating through him and down into his crotch when his hands come up to knead her breasts firmly. She can't help the moan that escapes her lips as she arches into his touch. She feels his hands wrap around her, unclasping her bra in one swift motion and nearly tearing the offending piece of fabric off of her and tossing it into the empty abyss surrounding his bed.

His pupils look dilated when his eyes travel over her chest, and he bites his bottom lip against a moan when he feels a rush of blood make its way down south. When he comes over her again to kiss her, she takes him by surprise and flips them over, straddling him and placing her hips purposely right over the spot that's beginning to pulsate wildly.

His eyes roll back into his head with a moan as she presses down against his hardness, grinding against him, slowly at first.

She watches as his chest heaves with heavy breaths and his mouth hangs open with his quickened pants, gasping for air in the sudden stifling heat of his room. She could feel him quickly hardening beneath her hips, and suddenly, it's her turn to smirk at him.

He growls at the dominating gesture, and he brings her lips crashing down against his before making her gasp as he flips them back over again. He brings his head down to lick at her breasts for a few moments and then wastes no time in kissing down the expanse of her flat stomach, looking up at her.

When he finally reaches her matching blue panties, his smoldering eyes flick up to look at her as he drags his teeth gently across her hipbone. She bites her lip and moans, a hand flitting down to one of his to squeeze it. He knew she was very sensitive there, and he was going to drive her crazy by teasing her in the exact same spot. He smiles slyly as he hooks his fingers around the side of her underwear and pulls them down her legs agonizingly slow, watching her breath gradually quicken as he drags them farther and farther down.

She practically lets out a sigh of relief when he finally pulls them off of her completely, tossing them over his shoulder just as he'd done with her bra.

She could feel her breath quickening through her nostrils as she watches him, switching from hipbone to hipbone and driving her insane. Not willing to take any more of his torture, she takes a breath and says softly, "Put your mouth on me. He groans against her when he feels how aroused he'd made her, making his tongue vibrate inside her. She cries out and throws her head back in surprise at the sensation and brings her head down and onto the back of his head, fingers curling in his hair and tugging slightly.

He continues licking her open, his tongue dipping into her repeatedly and bringing her closer and closer to the edge. When he feels his jaw tense up after a few moments, he pulls away, immediately replacing his mouth with his fingers, pushing one smoothly inside her. He makes note of the way she cries his name out in pleasure, his thumb rubbing insistently against the particularly sensitive spot above her entrance as he continues to push his finger inside her. A few minutes later, he pushes a second one inside and listens to her, keening high in her throat and beginning to arch off the bed.

He bites his lip and reaches into his boxers to wrap his hand around himself as she comes back from her high. That was incredibly hot.