Types of indian parents and dating

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types of indian parents and dating

As parents lose control over marriage, Indian society is shaking more recently, dating websites has given them more control over the search for a partner. rests with the young, especially among the urban middle classes. When Zheng first announced to her parents that she was dating a guy from India and they were going to get married, her mother cried for an Back in , there was no information about these types of relationships online. I spent a month traveling in India alone, with no agenda but the openness for you want your spouse to be your lover, the ideal parent, your financial partner, Most importantly, no wonder why we are easily disappointed when dating. I would give up the world s greatest romance for this kind of love.

Still, my career remained my priority above anything else—how could I let go of a top job offer? Then how can you suddenly change tracks?

I know that I am approaching my 30s and it worries you. I know that you think that my options are becoming narrower; I know that the one thing that you pray about is that I settle down with a nice man of my liking—and of yours. I know that more than anything else—more than a job promotion or a salary raise—you want me to become a mother. You worry that I will remain unmarried—it is your worst nightmare.

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I am sorry, Mummy and Daddy. It is not my intention to hurt you, to cause you pain or embarrassment. But I am an adult now and my life is my own. I take full responsibility of my decisions, marital or otherwise.

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And neither will yours. I will remain your daughter, I will still love myself, and more than anything else, I will always love you. So please, dear Indian parents, wherever in the world you are, understand today that your daughters are your sons, and that your sons are your daughters.

I was physically involved with a guy, but I was hesitant to tell her about it.

types of indian parents and dating

When I did, all hell broke loose. She was devastated and severed ties with me," says Singh, who has not had any communication with her Bhopal-based family in over a year. Similarly, the fear of losing her family members has prompted Swati Bharrech, 28, a BPO employee, to stay mum about her sex life.

She explains, "If you bring a guy home, parents tend to ask if your relationship is serious, and then questions about marriage arise. I am physically involved with a colleague I am dating, but I don't know if I want to marry him.

I can't say this to my parents since I hail from a conservative Gujarati household, otherwise they will disown me.

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It is like an elephant in the room that nobody wishes to address. Dheeraj is a year-old medical student who currently studies at Peking University, and he met his Chinese girlfriend a year ago on campus.

Besides that, their personality is very gentle, and they care about their family," Dheeraj said, adding that many of his Indian friends in China want to find a Chinese partner. Besides the business and student community, many Chinese and Indians meet each other and fall in love in a third country while they are traveling or studying abroad like Zheng and her husband Raj did. Yankee Chen, who runs a coffee shop in Beijing, met her Indian boyfriend in Malaysia while she was traveling with her friend.

Five years later, we are still together," Yankee Chen said. When Zheng first announced to her parents that she was dating a guy from India and they were going to get married, her mother cried for an entire year.

While Zheng was under pressure from her own parents, her boyfriend Raj was under even more pressure from his parents. Raj's mother also cried every day and worried about their relationship. Arranged marriage is still the ideal choice for most Indian families.

The older generations still believe that only by arranged marriage can their children have a stable marriage and that free love is a bad thing, according to Zheng, especially since Raj is from a place that tends to be closed-up to foreign cultures, and Raj is the first person in his hometown to marry a foreign woman that he knows of.

types of indian parents and dating

This is due to the stereotypes the older generation has for foreign women, according to Zheng. The literacy rate and the internet penetration rate are not high in India, so their perception of the outside world is limited, according to Zheng.

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India went through a rather closed period, and the media created some stereotyped images of foreign women, like in the popular Indian movie Purab Aur Paschimthe Western women in the movie are depicted behaving rather loosely and they trick the kind, pious Indian boys, according to Zheng.

The obstacles we went through are mainly because of the misunderstandings between people from the two countries," Zheng said. Fortunately, their love for each other is determined.