When did prince edward and sophie begin dating

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when did prince edward and sophie begin dating

Jun 19, While the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York both entered into highly The two met in when Edward was dating a friend of hers and again in . Interestingly enough, Sophie's profile began to rise significantly right. May 19, Why this time I'm sure the marriage will work,” wrote a columnist in a page souvenir pullout in the Daily Mail. She met Prince Edward at the Queen's Tennis Club in London in , and they began dating soon afterward. Jul 5, the wedding of Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones went off with It was his own black-oxford-shod feet, not a stately royal landau, that got time before the start of the 5 p.m. ceremony by “larking about,” reports a guest. the Queen's youngest son, 35, married commoner Sophie Rhys-Jones,

But one thing I know for sure is, Edward's doing the right thing. Edward is a very private man, we all know that. He shares his mother's determination to keep family stuff private. And I, for one, can't blame him for that. The Press soon discovered, that if Edward went public with a girlfriend, it was nothing real serious.

But if he tried his hardest to keep it under wraps, it was important. And the latter is just what he did with Sophie. And Edward, who had often been "in lust" before, was indeed very serious about Miss Rhys-Jones. He called her all the time, at work and in the evenings.

When he called, he would always say either 'Richard' or 'Gus' was calling. I'm not sure what Sophie calls Edward, she probably just uses 'Edward' for the most part, but Edward, it seems, shortens Sophie's name to 'Soph'. Obvious that they're very comfortable with each other. How in the world could it be possible that they're suited for each other? You may well wonder. Perhaps what they say about opposites attracting can be true in some cases.

Edward, Sophie & the Wessex Family

But maybe they're really not so opposite as you'd think. I can't describe it, since I don't know either one of them, but a close friend of Sophie's did a pretty good job of it. Edward is serious, quiet, and as is probably the case with most Royals, somewhat arrogant and overbearing. You wouldn't have thought they were at all suited. But when Edward is with Sophie, he becomes good fun too.

It's extraordinary the effect she has on him.

when did prince edward and sophie begin dating

The big thing Sophie had to get used to was the fact that her dates with Edward always consisted of three people, not just two. Edward's detective, Steve, had to go everywhere with them. This had to be hard to deal with, but Sophie took it all in stride and probably got used to it sooner than she would have thought.

In the early part of their relationship they played real tennis and went to the theater and the cinema. Sometimes this was probably hard too, since Edward was so wary of the press, they often had to stumble to their seats in the dark after the lights had gone down. They also spent a lot of time sharing cosy suppers.

when did prince edward and sophie begin dating

They enjoyed cooking together and often they would give Edward's valet the night off and cook up something themselves. They spent most of these nights at Buckingham Palace, instead of Sophie's Vereker Road flat, because Edward was to conscious of the risk of being seen to spend an evening there. Six weeks after they started dating, they were separated when Edward had to go to Swaziland for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme.

Shortly after that, Sophie met the Queen for the first time, when Edward invited her to Windsor for a weekend. The only thing was, Edward didn't tell her the Queen and many other family members would be there. Sophie sat silent throughout the lunch she had with them although privately Sophie was probably wishing she could hit Edward for not telling her. Of course that's probably not true, but if I had been her, I would have wished it!

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From then on, weekends at Windsor have become commonplace for Sophie. She often spends the weekends there with Edward and the Royal Family and decidedly loves it. It certainly didn't take long for the press to find out about the romance. Sophie was confronted by Andrew Morton at the office and followed to Hampton Court, where she was meeting Edward, by paparazzi on motorcycles. Within a very short time their relationship had gone from private courtship to public domain.

And Edward was not in the least happy about it. A couple of days after Andrew Morton bombarded Sophie in her office, it was in the Sunday papers.

The story was half true and half false, like all stories on the Royals, but it gave people something to talk about anyway.

Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex arrive at royal wedding

As usual, if you want the whole story, buy the book. I'm trying to be as brief as I can here In spite of all the Diana and Fergie stories, there was a huge interest in Edward's new girlfriend, as Sophie soon found out. Sophie's boss Brian MacLaurin, helped them out by talking to the press and asking that they be left alone. But, of course, the Press, not knowing when to give up, as usual, wouldn't leave them, and especially Sophie, alone, and she had to learn to deal with it.

But privately she was relieved. She no longer had to keep the relationship secret from everyone. That had to be a great load off her mind. Naturally, Sophie wasn't the only one who had some adjusting to do. Her parents, while naturally proud of their daughter, were worried about her future, especially with the Press around her so much.

When they met Edward, they found him to be very easy to get along with. The big problem with being the parents of a serious Royal girlfriend is the fact that no one tells you anything. It is a poignant story, even a little tawdry, about a bashful prince and a canny career girl.

Royal Wedding of Edward and Sophie If the tabloids had their way, this royal wedding would be remembered as the saga of Sophie's bared breast.

Wedding of Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones

But it is also a thoroughly modern tale, a comment on contemporary ideas about some old institutions, marriage and the British monarchy in particular. The heroine, of course, is Sophie Rhys-Jones, the commoner from Kent set to marry Prince Edward of the illustrious House of Windsor, seventh in line to inherit the throne now occupied by his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. For a time, it seemed as if Sophie and Edward's impending nuptials on June 19 might well unfold quietly, not exactly unnoticed perhaps, but certainly the least public royal wedding in modern history, even though it will be televised live around the world.

But then a naughty snapshot in a racy tabloid appeared - and things changed. There were, to be sure, howls of indignation when London's Sun chose to publish last month the now-infamous picture, an year-old snapshot of British television star Chris Tarrant playfully tugging at Rhys-Jones's bikini top to reveal a single breast during a car trip to Spain. Even Prime Minister Tony Blair felt moved to issue a public condemnation. In the face of the outcry, the Sun agreed to donate all profits from syndication of the photo to charity and published a grovelling, full-page apology.

George's Chapel at Windsor Castle as they had originally hoped, in something approaching relative privacy, or at least as close to that state as any royal marriage can be. And that speaks volumes, not only about lurid public appetites, but also about the continuing uneasy state of the House of Windsor as it struggles to redefine itself amid all the pressures to modernize the British monarchy.

Much is riding upon Edward's union with Sophie. He is the last of the Queen's four children to reach the altar. All of the other marriages ended in failure, generally in spectacular fashion. The public has become seriously disenchanted after the unending years of royal soap opera - the divorces, the adultery, and the tragic saga of Diana, Princess of Wales.

I would not like to be in their shoes. Neither can be described as freshly minted. Edward is a balding year-old; Sophie is Their courtship has been long, more than five years, a far cry from the whirlwind, months-long romances of both Edward's oldest brother, Prince Charles, and Diana, and his other brother, Prince Andrew, and Sarah Ferguson.

While the couple stoutly deny it, they have been virtually living together for the past three years. Sophie spends weekends at Windsor Castle and holidays at the Sandringham and Balmoral royal estates. She has her own apartment, in the same Chelsea block of flats once occupied by Diana, but she is also in possession of a prized laminated pass to get her through security at Buckingham Palace, where she occupies a suite of rooms close to Edward's.

Nowhere is the contrast between Edward and his brothers more stark than in the ceremonies planned for the Saturday nuptials. George's Chapel, inside the grounds at Windsor Castle, 35 km west of London, is the spiritual home of the Order of the Garter, under whose brightly coloured banners Sophie and Edward will be married. Still, with a seating capacity ofit is not exactly intimate.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex - Wikipedia

But the guest list pales in comparison with the 2, who attended Charles and Diana's wedding at St. By most standards, however, the wedding is still going to be a royal extravaganza.

when did prince edward and sophie begin dating

In addition to the guests inside St. George's Chapel, another will attend a sumptuous post-wedding reception in the state apartments. On the express wishes of the Queen, in her drive for royal modernization, members of the public have also been "invited. Afterward, the newlyweds will travel in a horse-drawn carriage procession through the streets of Windsor.

The entire minute service, which begins at 5 p. In an attempt to portray a new image, the bride and groom are departing from tradition in several key areas.

There will be no military guard of honour, therefore none of the shining brass and bright uniforms so typical of most royal events. Neither will there be elaborate women's hats, the hallmarks of upper-class British weddings.

Women guests in particular will be thrown into a fashion tizzy over the 5 p. Glamorous cocktail and evening wear will, instead, be de rigueur. Even the couple's wedding invitations have a contemporary twist, at least by the rigidly formal standards of the House of Windsor. Perhaps the most remarkable feature will be the extraordinary diversity of those invited to share the couple's big day.

Although details of the guest list have not been confirmed, it is known that the likes of Sophie's spinster cousin from London's gritty east end will be brought together with the Sultan of Brunei, Prime Minister Blair and his wife, Cherie. A smattering of famous faces from the world of show business is also expected. One notable absentee will be Charles's companion, Camilla Parker Bowles.