Yoo seung ho and iu dating

Yoo seung ho iu dating: Yoo seung ho and iu dating

yoo seung ho and iu dating

The 20 year old stars, singer IU and actor Yoo Seung Ho showed their interest for each other. They appeared on the MBC program, 'Section TV. Rumors of Super Juniors Eunhyuk and IU dating? November 9, IU AND YOO SEUNG HO BOY MEETS GIRL SHOOT FOR G. April Lee Seung-gi is a South Korean singer, actor, host and entertainer. Known as the "Ballad Prince", Lee has had numerous hit songs such as "Because You're My.

So who exactly should you be pursing? G-Dragon is a recording artist, song writer, producer and model, with a large proportion of his income coming from royalties. He began his career at the age of 8, but after his contract was suddenly terminated, he vowed that he would never become a singer.

However, he spent the next 5 years training at SM Entertainment, before moving to his current agency, YG Entertainment. His first year as a trainee involved cleaning the studio and fetching water bottles for other idols. Single — but there are many people who want him with Dara from 2NE1. G-Dragon is too shy to approach a girl that he likes so he usually gets fellow bandmate Seungri to do it for him.

In addition to having a charming and playful character, Lee Seung Gi is also clever.

Actor Yoo Seung Ho selects IU as his ideal girl

He is well known for being a smart and responsible student and has a degree in International Trade and Commerce from Dongguk University. And did I mention that he also has abs?

yoo seung ho and iu dating

This is because he thinks that a guy should accept you for everything, including the things that happened in your past aww! IU was also ranked as the 5th top female idol for celebrity endorsements in OMG she has bad taste in men. So i wrote that she should not have lied.

Yoo Seung-ho

I wrote she could have said no comments or just smile and give a gracious shrug. But someone replied that all of the stars lie about their dating and that i would always be dissapointed in expecting otherwise. So when some stars recently admit to dating, i was glad that there were some who were truthful.

As stars, their fans are always looking up for latest news on them, so they should expect this. As i said, they dont have to confess, just dont lie.

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That's the worst thing coming from someone you idolise. I dont care whether they are dating or not. Just say no comment when you are asked, just dont lie when eventually the truth will be revealed. Vor year tressa sariyanti sandra kohbc tapi sayangnya saat seorang entertain berbohong tidak sedang dating padahal sedang dating mereka harus siap denger cibiran knetz karena rasa kecewa hiks Vor year RJ Lewis sandra kohbc dating is people's private business.

No one is required to announce their private life to the world. If they choose to reveal it, when they choose to reveal it, and how they choose to reveal it is up to them. Vor year PSH does'nt want someone younger than her. Vor year I guess you're right, but his description was pretty detailed - lol.

yoo seung ho and iu dating

Vor year It's Me UsfanlovesMinho maybe by ideal type he didn't mean her. I think he only said she was his ideal type because of the MV they did together for promotion. When he came back from the military and was interview with Shin Hye he was more specific about his ideal type and it was not Shin Hye.

[Cut] Yoo Seung Ho cameo trong phim The Player (2018)

He talked about a girl in a certain type of dress, with a hand bag walking her dog. Sounds like someone he must of met. Vor year Oh really. As far as I know he only doesn't like older than him.