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online dating sites must love dogs trailer

MUST LOVE DOGS MOVIE REVIEW/ ONLINE DATING LINKS. Consider these dating sites as you read about Must Love Dogs. By Carrie Rickey Philadelphia. Read Common Sense Media's Must Love Dogs review, age rating, and parents Official trailer As its focus is Internet dating, the film also shows how it involves performing, With Carol's prodding, Sarah enters her data into a dating site. Must Love Dogs Poster. Trailer. | Trailer. 4 VIDEOS | 82 IMAGES . such, her most proactive sister in the matter, Carol, sets her up on an Internet dating site.

Preschool teacher and divorcee Sarah Diane Lane doesn't want to think of herself as desperate, but her family -- widower dad Bill Christopher Plummera bunch of brothers, and a couple of sisters, including Carol the excellent Elizabeth Perkins -- press the point.

Must Love Dogs (PG-13)

With Carol's prodding, Sarah enters her data into a dating site. Though her first "match" is her father "This is disturbing on so many levels," she groansshe persists, meeting with a number of bad matches sad guy, cocky guy, preoccupied guyuntil she finds Jake the way-too-smart-for-formula-comedies John Cusack.

Also recently divorced, he loves Doctor Zhivago because it's about "a love so real it hurts even after you're dead" and crafts wooden skulls boats for a living. He's clever, speeds through his dialogue "You are kind of 'voluptuous,'" he notes, observing a dubious description in her Internet ad, "in a minimalist kind of way"and worries about how he comes across. He is, in a word, perfect guy. Continue reading Show less Is it any good? Sarah wants most to avoid the fate of one of her father's girlfriends, the dazzling Dolly Stockard Channing.

online dating sites must love dogs trailer

She sees the Internet as a new horizon "It's part fantasy, part community," she gushes, "And it lets you pay your bills naked"but thinks again when she meets in person one of "chat" partners, a year-old boy who's developed a serious crush on her. Perhaps because he's so young, this kid has conviction, though he duly leaves when instructed "Do your homework," says Dolly has she loads him in a cab.

Although they show her photos of men with whom they want to set her up, Sarah does not seem interested in pursuing any relationships. Jake Anderson, another recent divorcee, finds himself in a similar position; his lawyer, Charlie, wants to set him up with a woman named Sherry. However, Jake would rather focus on creating his handcrafted boats. Sarah's sister Carol visits and they discuss Bob Connor, a parent from school.

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Sarah is attracted to him but does not want anything complicated. Carol reveals she set up an ad for Sarah on an online dating site, perfectmatch. The description declares she is voluptuous and that her dates "must love dogs" Sarah is currently caring for her brother Michael's Newfoundland dog, " Mother Teresa ", while he goes through his own marital problems.

Sarah proceeds to suffer through several disastrous dates with men who cannot stop crying, are criminal, or like girls who are barely legal.

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Jake is confronted by Sherry at an art gallery; she is curious why he did not call her, but again Jake does not seem interested. Charlie then hands him a printout of Sarah's dating profile and tells Jake he has a date with her the next day at a dog park. The date proves to be awkward: Jake shows up with a borrowed terrier and offends Sarah when he begins to analyze her profile.

Even worse, he reveals that the dog is not really his. When she accuses him of being deceptive he points out that the requirement was "Must love dogs," not "Must own a dog.

online dating sites must love dogs trailer

Sarah and Jake go on a dinner date where he asks her why she is not with her husband anymore. She explains that he just stopped loving her and that he was never ready to have children. Sarah acknowledges that her ex-husband is now with a woman fifteen years younger than she with a baby on the way.

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The date progresses back to Sarah's house where they discover that neither has a condom. They hastily drive around but when they finally find protection neither of them is in the mood.

online dating sites must love dogs trailer

Jake and Charlie are discussing Sarah when he admits that she intrigued him. That night, Jake tries to call Sarah. Meanwhile, Sarah has connected with Bob Connor. She checks to see if Bob is home but discovers he is with June, one of her co-workers. Sarah assumes they are on a date, and while fleeing the scene she drops her wallet.

online dating sites must love dogs trailer

Sarah arrives home to find her brother Michael, who is drunkenly dealing with his own marital problems, and Jake, who has been taking care of him.