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Most recordings do not surpass the five minute mark and are primarily interview snippets from the BBC World Service.

How 6 news organisations are using SoundCloud

Full reports are occasionally uploaded, such as this one on the easy accessibility of the drug Nyaope in South Africa's Mpumalanga province. Currently standing at 81, subscribers and 5, uploads, the BBC seems intent on keeping their SoundCloud page up to date with the latest news, using the platform as another news distribution service rather than just adding audio to stories. Huffington Post Unlike the BBC, The Huffington Post uses its SoundCloud profile to distribute regular podcasts that range from 20 to 40 minutes in length and cover a wide range of sub-categories from the main site such as politics, religion and sex.

Along with podcasts, the Huffington Post SoundCloud also features shorter audio clips added to stories to give them more interactivity. An example of how the organisation maximised their short-form audio content would be the ' Courting Disaster ' series, in which journalists uploaded each interview alongside the written story.

courtship dating soundcloud logo

Although the channel only has subscribers as of writing, many audio clips have had thousands of plays due to being featured on their website.

The Guardian The Guardian currently runs a number of SoundCloud channels, the most popular of which is the Guardian Politics Weekly podcastwith over a million subscribers.

Unlike the Huffington Post, The Guardian only uses the site for podcasts and separates each sub-category into distinct channels with politics, football and science each having their own Soundcloud platforms. Most politics podcasts hover around the half hour mark, while football tends to reach 50 minutes. While having so many followers, recent podcast plays have not passed 10, due to the Guardian's recent focus on iTunes distribution. Louis uploads regular snippets from its radio show.

Interestingly, the regular uploads get more plays per podcast while Sports see fewer per stream but overall have more plays due to their frequency.

How 6 news organisations are using SoundCloud | Media news

With such a huge choice of SoundCloud channels to follow, listeners are given the option to follow their local channel rather than receiving updates from channels they may have no interest in.

The problem is, the form has long suffered from neglect on the web. Video producers might still be having this conversation if not for YouTube. Do you remember what it was like trying to embed video in a blog post before YouTube or Vimeo?

YouTube became a de facto standard for video because it nailed three things: Plus people might actually see it. Standardization, in addition to simplifying things for news outlets, can go a long way in providing a consistent user experience. SoundCloud, of course, wants to be that standard.

courtship dating soundcloud logo

Think of it as an aspiring YouTube for public radio. SoundCloud is itself a social network, within which fans can like and comment on tracks. But the content is portable, easily embedded in other sites.

And the player is offered in HTML5, which means mobile devices without Flash can still render the audio. Some producers are signing on.


SoundCloud also provides a way for producers to solicit audio from users.