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It is the reason why it is so important for us to understand these things and what it really means to know that God is a Good God. Overcoming the Night-time of Our Spiritual Lives This understanding that God is a Good God is so important, because it gives us the assurance that God intends good things for those who love Him Romans 8: There is a way to turn the Night-time into a pleasurable one, and the key to it is by surrendering ourselves to the way God meant for us to live.

In the Book of Genesis and the live of the First Man, we can learn certain things. In time, however, he grew lonely because there was not a helper that was comparable to him. From the time God had first placed Adam in Eden up to this point, all that he knew was work and God did not interfere.

Adam was created in the image of God and given dominion over the other created things, and whatever he named them, God said so be it. The important thing to catch is that when Adam was sleeping, God was working. He upheld Adam in his work and did not interfere.

When Adam was sleeping, God worked and created Eve as an equal companion for Adam. And when it is time for us to rest, we want to work. In fact, we often fight to work. Pr Rachmat pointed out that he can see certain things from this passage of the Bible.

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From the beginning of the Creation, God wants to work together with mankind. He wants to partnership with you and I. It is like God has given us a deal through Adam and the deal is this: I give you life for you to be able to do what you must do and able to do. I bring you to greater heights so that you can see further and be able to do more of what you should do.

You do the possible, but when it gets dark, I want you to rest, and I will do my part. While you rest, I will do what you cannot do; I will do the impossible for you. In one passage Mark 4: The man sleeps during the night and rises during the day, and the seeds sprouts and grows but he does not know how.

When the grain is ripe, it is time again for the man to work and gather the harvest in. We ought to scatter seed when it is Day, doing our utmost to build the Kingdom of God and keeping the momentum. Pr Jeffrey Rachmat About Speaker: Jeffrey is happily married to Angela, and has three children.

This article is written from the perspective and interpretation of the writer, to condense and accentuate the ideas of the pastor in a more understandable and readable way. But this need for purpose is intrinsic to every person. Imagine if a professional soccer player were to sit on the bench for a whole soccer season. He would still be collecting his salary; in fact he would be earning a lot of money for something very light and easy.

But he would not be happy because his life would not have any meaning. All the skills he had built up and his identity as a professional soccer player would basically amount to nothing.

jeffrey rachmat dating after divorce

It is easy to recognize the tree when we see its fruit. A good and healthy tree produces good and healthy fruit, each to its own kind. The presence of the Spirit of God is what distinguishes and identifies Christians. It is going beyond success. Our primary mission is that God may be glorified through our fruits. How do leaders find and develop the strength of their followers? There must be a healthy communication and follow-through between leaders and followers.

How do we then lead people on the journey through to fruitfulness? God has prepared specific situations and circumstances culture, etc. Going further with our key, God has also given us a counsel and a pattern to follow through His word. This specific pattern found in Psalm We need to be planted in the church where we can flourish so that we can bear the fruits of the Spirit, and all of these happen within the courts of our God. There is a great privilege in taking up the mantle of leadership, Pr Rachmat expressed.

Being planted in the church has a connotation of not just attending services every Sunday but of being rooted, not easily moved. When a person is rooted no amount of problems or conflicts would diminish their commitment. There is no perfect church for it is not about the church but all about the faith. A rooted Christian is easily able to distinguish the reasons he goes to church. They are able to recognize that the church is supposed to be the soil that brings forth fruit.

For leaders, we need to develop people who are rooted in the faith like this in our churches.

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The potential for the future of the tree is in a little seed, and in that seed are also many other fruits. And in time those fruits would go on to produce many other seeds which would go on to produce many other fruits. Our God is a generational God and everyone has a seed in them. The soil must be able to accept the seed. Christ accepted us while we were still sinners, setting a model for us as Christian leaders.

The seed needs to break open in order to grow.