Leighton meester hugo becker dating

Who is Hugo Becker dating? Hugo Becker girlfriend, wife

leighton meester hugo becker dating

'Gossip Girl's' Hugo Becker talks Prince Louis and Blair: 'They could make a terrific Leighton Meester: “Leighton is fantastic, she is nuts. Look how cute leighton meester and hugo becker looked as they filmed gossip girl scenes in new york. Leighton meester hugo becker dating looking to chat with . and starred in a shark movie and Leighton Meester appeared alongside . Prince Louis of Monaco, aka Louis Grimaldi, played by Hugo Becker Blair and Prince Louis went on a disastrous double date with Serena and.

We're on a backlot, you see the ocean — but not from a Malibu beach house because that's Entourage's L. We were looking for very mid-century modern houses, Neutras, that kind of sleek, sexy, glamorous L.

Leighton meester hugo becker dating

Like, if we could have shot at the Chateau, we would have. Serena didn't like being a personal publicist. Now it looks as though she's landed a job she likes in Hollywood. Good choice for her? I do think Serena's skills as someone who's the center of attention and who brings people together and who, you know, wears a shoe and suddenly everyone wants that shoe, I believe, yes, Hollywood is probably a pretty good place for her.

Especially being on the side of film that she is — not acting, but behind the scenes on a producer-type track, someone who can put things and people and projects together.

leighton meester hugo becker dating

We already know she'll hook up with Nate Chace Crawfordbut why is she interested in this website? Anyone who comes from media in New York City is very aware of Gossip Girl as a major media presence and Diana pretty much wants to be at the top of the media game.

Gossip Girl ... and their real life partners

She sees Gossip Girl as a way of that. What about Dan's novel Upper East Side tell-all? How big is the fall-out going to be? That story actually will unfold pretty slowly — slowly for Gossip Girl anyways — so it won't be immediate but it will have reverberations throughout the whole season.

Hugo becker and leighton meester dating

Let me ask another way: Is anyone happy about his book being published? Definitely there are a wide range of reactions positive to negative.

leighton meester hugo becker dating

We'd like to see more Monkey, who seems to be a Chair shipper, please! Easily the most heartbreaking scene of the episode was Rufus Matthew Settle confronting Dan about his portrayal. Rufus gave up his music career for his children, something Dan criticizes him for in the book, turning Rufus into a "trophy husband who married for money. Seriously, all of them! The person who comes off the worst in the book?

Dylan Hunter, Dan's character, who doesn't get the girl or keep his friends, and Dan ends the episode just like his character ended the novel: Who needs friends when your book is No.

That was rhetorical, don't answer it. Or Diana was busy blackmailing Ivy into working for her. Yes, Diana, who has her sights set on overtaking Gossip Girl, found out Ivy's dirty little secret and will be using it to her business' advantage. Reunited and It Feels So Good: How great was it to finally see Blair and Serena interact again? We missed these BFFs so very much and we're glad we received some much-needed alone time with them, including Blair telling Serena she's pregnant.

I'm cool with that. She thinks she's protecting him.

leighton meester hugo becker dating

So no, Blair is not having an affair with Dan, he's just been going to church with her to help her figure out her feelings. When Blair considers breaking off her engagement because she's still in love with Chuck, she looks out the window to see Chuck almost being hit by a cab.

Golden Globes Party Scoop: Still, all of this leads to the big scene between Chuck and Blair. First off, let's describe how sad it made us to see Chuck believe Blair was there because she wanted to be with him. Blair was just there to tell Chuck she's proud of the person he's become and hopes that her choosing to be with Louis doesn't change that.

Understandably, Chuck wants an explanation and he deserves one. He refuses to let this go and promises to use his power to find out what went wrong.

Gossip Girl Redux: Big Boss Reveals Love Triangle Is Becoming a Major Square! | E! News

We hope this doesn't ruin all of the progress Chuck made in the first half of the season, but Westwick did tell us Chuck "wants at any cost to find a way to be with her and that's what he's doing for the rest of the reason, is trying, trying and trying. Of course, when something's like that, sometimes you try bad methods, you try bad approaches.

leighton meester hugo becker dating

Safran explains that "we didn't want three months to pass by in our normal customary summer because we wanted Blair to not be that far along in her pregnancy so we could tell more stories without having her to have a baby bump. Another reason for the time jump was to give Blair time to mourn the loss of her child offscreen.

leighton meester hugo becker dating

On Dan and Gossip Girl's turf! First, Serena comes to Dan's rescue when he's corned by Chuck and Louis about his "affair" with Blair. Unable to tell them the reason he's been hanging out with Blair, Serena steps in and says they've secretly been dating and Blair's been protecting them. Obviously, Serena is more than happy to do this for two reasons: She still has feelings for her ex and she's protecting her BFF.