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otome dating games

Find games tagged Otome like Changeling Demo, Vicboys - Demo, Tailor Tales, Monstrata Fracture, CUPID - Visual A Dating sim set in the Victorian Age. Mar 17, Welcome to Otome, visual dating games made with women in mind. They enjoy a healthy fandom, but many acclaimed titles remain in their. Feb 14, Otome games, or romance games aimed at a female audience, may Many players still refer to romance games as dating sims, despite the.

And it's all pretty well-done too, boasting a strong cast of female voice actresses extra impressive since a large number of them were in answer to an open casting call through Kickstarter. The dialogue is written and presented in such a slyly tongue-in-cheek way, you can enjoy the gameplay, the girls, and the "plot" while still laughing good-naturedly at yourself and your bumbling character all the way through.

Christmas Otome Demo by Synokoria

This is a good-natured, fun, and incredibly westernized parody of the entire genre, and it's surprising how enjoyable it can actually be. Plus, who can say no to match 3 games? Even Totalbiscuit learned to like it. Hatoful Boyfriend Did you wonder whether or not this would make the cut?

As a sophomore, you go to class and you find romance among the birds at the greatest pigeon high school.

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Simple, crazy, and stupid, right? If you stick with it, you couldn't be more wrong. Though it starts out looking like a few hours worth of silly romancing with pigeons! Hatoful Boyfriend And it's not just the pigeons. Screw your expectations, you aren't just going to laugh at this game The dating sim section really only feels like an extended prologue at this point, to introduce you to all these characters that you slowly become attached to -- and then it proceeds to tear apart everything you have ever loved.

If you didn't expect effective storytelling, you'll find it anyway. And then you'll probably never look at a pigeon again without crying under a table. You can find it on Steam here. There are a bunch of other games available on Steam the above included; it's from Hustle Catwhere you play as the newest employee at the popular cat cafe A Cat's Paw that just didn't manage to make it onto this list You can find Nightshade for PC on.

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Collar X Malice In this game, Tokyo is stricken by a terrorist organization called Adonis, who conduct a series of murders related to a countdown to the mysterious X-Day.

Protagonist Officer Hoshino is on patrol in Shinjuku when she's attacked and fitted with a locked collar filled with poison around her neck. The suspense-filled plot follows her quest to uncover the truth behind the collar and X-Day, along with the help of five former police officers. Unfortunately, the localization could have used some more editing, but Collar X Malice is still a great otome game choice for PS Vita if you're looking for a darker story and stronger female protagonist.

Saki finds herself in a sticky situation when she attends the unveiling of Iwafune's brand new amusement park, only to be trapped by a psychotic pig that wants her and the other attendees to participate in a dangerous game.

otome dating games

Saki is one of my favorite otome game protagonists because she isn't afraid to speak her mind, even if it means telling her male suitors off! Trust me, it's worth the trouble! Rose of Winter Pillowfight is one of many non-Japanese developers dipping their toe in the otome game genre.

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While Rose of Winter isn't explicitly labeled as an otome game, it ticks all the boxes otome game fans are looking for. The protagonist, Rosemary, is an adorable mercenary who needs to make some dough by escorting one of four princes across a treacherous mountain. Choose a prince and get ready for some super cute interactions between Rose and her suitor in this short but sweet otome game that will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

While the plots of otome games differ greatly, there is usually a single female main character, and several good-looking males of varying "types".

Gameplay occasionally does not particularly focus on romance, even if there are several characters whose "routes" you can follow.

otome dating games

In the visual novel examples of the genre, the player proceeds in the story by selecting dialogue or action choices which affect their relationships in a decision tree format. In simulation otome games, there is also other gameplay which affects the plot, either by playing minigames or by raising stats.

The main character often has several parameters, such as looks, style, intelligence, talent, etc. The potential partners usually require a certain parameter or parameters to be at a certain level for them to fall in love with you.

There is also often a pure dating aspect of gameplay in simulations.

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