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The worldwide online dating industry grosses over $4 billion dollars per year, making it for the purpose of performing scams, abductions, rapes, and murders. Another site, eSPIN-the-Bottle, is a version of an online matchmaking service Although most online dating sites are aimed at older users—at least 18 years. Online dating makes millions of love interests available to us at the touch of our fingertips. With a simple swipe or message, you can set yourself.

Personal Endangerment Internet dating sites contain a variety of people, and some of those individuals are predators looking for unsuspecting victims. Warning signs of a psychologically deranged individual may be someone you cue into quickly; they may write incoherent or threatening messages to you or others, or they may admit to a violent past.

However, more often than not, predators disguise themselves and come across as kind and charming in the beginning. However, note that if the person sounds too good to be true, they probably are, and that is a warning sign to avoid them. To help avoid bringing any danger upon yourself or others close to you, take time to get to know the person as thoroughly as you can before you decide to meet them.

When a meeting time has been discussed, be sure to meet in a very public place, such as a restaurant, and alert your family and friends to where you're going, who you're going with and when you expect to return.

Tinder Bondi ‘date’ robbery highlights dangers of online dating

Give the person's name and phone number, so they have some information if anything happens. Child Endangerment Children and young teenagers are often targets on the Internet for pedophiles. Children may go into chat rooms to talk with people their age. Child sex offenders actively look for young girls and boys on social networking sites and chat rooms.

With children's trustworthy natures and the anonymity of the Internet, sex offenders often try to exploit them by accessing these sites. She mainly used FindSomeone, and had some serious relationships, including one man with whom she had a child. But the novelty wore off, and she began to feel like she wasn't going to find The One on there. So, six months ago, the year-old working mother of one started using Tinder. Joanna prefers the app to websites, for the immediacy it provides, its modern, easy-to-use interface, the absence of long, involved descriptions.

I hate that thing about online dating — notifications that say 'these people are looking at you. Men who message her with a winking smile or open the conversation with "DTF? That's the good thing about Tinder in some ways; it's so immediate.

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Joanna would recommend the app, but cautions: It's not all about their physical appearance or what they do or that they drive a certain car. All that chemistry is lost online. Jill Goldson, a relationship counsellor and director of the Family Matters Centre, says people are afraid of being scammed, putting their privacy at risk, attracting stalkers, and being taken advantage of.

Are people representing themselves as someone they're not? Fake Crisis After gaining trust scammers may pretend to need money for some sort of personal emergency.

For example, they may claim to have a severely ill family member who requires immediate medical attention such as an expensive operation, or they may claim financial hardship due to an unfortunate run of bad luck such as a failed business or mugging in the street. They may also say they want to travel to visit you, but cannot afford it unless you are able to lend them money to cover flights or other travel expenses.

If you become aware of any dubious activity Taking your relationship further Take it slow, friendships and relationships take time to develop, and NZDating is the perfect vehicle to stay anonymous and learn a lot about people before meeting them. Rushing the online portion of the relationship increases the risks that you don't know enough about the person and their moods.

Earn each other's trust before taking it to the next level. Requesting a second photo with different surroundings will give you a better feeling for the member and should prevent fake photos being used.

The ability to scan photos is very common nowadays so any excuses of not providing photos may signal that they have something to hide.

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Talking on the Phone Wait until you are very comfortable with the other person before deciding to speak to each other on the phone. If they suggest it, take their number so you can make the call only when you are ready. In today's world even making a call can reveal your phone number with caller ID. Remember to listen to the person that answers and any background noise, always making sure they match what you already know about this person.

Meeting in Person When you finally decide to meet, be sure to let your family or friends know where you are going and when you expect to return.

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Its always good to contact your family of friends before, during and after the meeting, so that they know you are alright, having to make contact with someone else also lets the person you are meeting know that you have friends looking out for you.

It's always good to take a cell phone, that way you can arrange for your friends or family to call and check on you, rather than having to call someone yourself. It's always best to meet in a public location with plenty of people around - restaurants and coffee shops are a good starting place.

You should avoid meeting at a private home until you get to know the person well in a face to face environment. If you are unsure of the meeting, going as part of a double date or arranging to meet the person with a friend provides an extra level of safety. Remember to let the person know beforehand and give them the option of bringing a friend. If the person you are meeting is in another town or city, it may be better to meet in a city in between to reduce the hometown factor.

If you must meet them in their city, choose a popular public location and arrange your own transport both there and back. Never give out details of where you are staying until you are sure of the person. Never rely on the person you are meeting to get you home, if you do not take your own car be sure to take enough money to arrange your own transport.